Learn Something New in 5 Minutes – 8 Must Learn Things

Learn Something New in 5 Minutes – Yes 5 minutes. There are a lot of skills that you need to learn and master but they might take weeks or months to master. For example, a man who wants to be chef will be mastering the art of cooking for it and it will take him months to do so. Likewise, an artist will be mastering his skills over time.

However, there are other skills as well which are as important as everything else and can be learned within no time. These skills can help you be smarter and better in daily life. They are helpful and you can master them within a matter of minutes. You really don’t know when you will be told by your boss to create a logo in Photoshop or maybe you are stuck in the middle of a road with a punctured tire.

Learn Something New in 5 Minutes

So here is a list of skills which can be learned in 5 minutes or so and will be helping you daily or for a long time!

How to change a tire?

I mentioned it above so yes it took the first place on my list. When you start to drive your own car, it is important to know how to mend the small issues that come along with the package of driving.

This does sound a little unimportant but you never know when you will need to change one. So don’t think that this isn’t essential. You should know how to change a tire!

The must-have gadget during that situation is the smart tire pressure monitoring system.

Identify great and fresh Fruits

We all feel heartbroken when we spend so much on fruits and they turn out to be rotten!

This happens a lot with strawberries and oranges. So smell them before you buy them. If they look great but don’t smell amazing, they won’t be any good.

Smelling fruits is the key to getting the best ones in your hands.

Fast reading

People, who usually read aloud, are the ones who read slowly. Learn to read with your eyes only.

First, because you cannot read aloud everywhere and second reading with your eyes is faster.

Reading fast can be a great skill to master at the workplace and can make you quicker than all your other workmates. Who doesn’t want a simple “plus point” at work?

Learn the Art of Packing

It is so hard for most of us to pack everything in one bag for a 3-5 day tour. People who carry 2-3 bags at small tours seem very annoying to the entire group. So it is better to master the art of packing.

You can obviously watch demos on YouTube. It is flooded with some of the best tutorials for packing things efficiently.

These videos also show you how to pack things without wrinkling them. Now that is a great plus point for sure, isn’t it?

And what’s in the packing without this smart bag.

Keeping the Pizza Crust crispy

We lose the crisp of pizza crust after it has been in the refrigerator overnight, don’t we? That sucks because that part is an all-time favorite. So learning how to keep your pizza crust crispy after heating it in a microwave is important.

When you reheat a pizza in the microwave, place a glass of water along with it.

This way the water absorbs all the microwaves and the pizza crust remains crisp. The glass of water acts more like an energy sink!

Calming down your Nervousness

We all get nervous in different situations. Chewing a gum constantly can help you escape this.

If you are heading out for anything that makes you nervous then chew a gum along the way as it calms down nervousness greatly.

To Sleep Faster

When we usually lie down, a lot of us go into the dreamland and we think that sleep is not coming to us. That is wrong; it is actually on way but we decide to unfollow it.

Follow the pattern of the dreamland and keep enjoying the visions. Keep yourself up and keep looking into those dreams and patterns and you won’t notice when you will soon fall asleep.

It is all about following those patterns as they are leading you towards sleep eventually.

Skills aren’t the “larger than life” ones only! Some small skills can make life easier and better.

What is a pizza if its crust isn’t crispy? I mean life seems so dumb at that moment! And you do look weird in the midst of the road wishing someone could help you change your car’s tire!

So just learn these little and easy skills and make life easier.

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