Best Wireless Speaker for Echo Dot

We’ve come up with the best wireless speaker for Echo Dot. The Amazon Echo Dot was recently released as a smaller version of the acclaimed Amazon Echo. It is a great gadget for those who like to automate and add a little electronic companion to their homes. It has a host of features and is widely compatible with other home automation technologies available on the market. Amazon, being a big player in this industry has done quite a bit of homework when it comes to portable home automation devices and they have done a good job.

The Echo Dot is the perfect gadget for any home, as its low profile and neutral appearance make it almost indistinguishable from normal home decoration and showpieces. It is affordable too.

The Echo Dot does a lot for the price, but it falls short on an important thing. With audio and video streaming getting popular by the day, it only makes sense to have a good sounding device. The built-in speaker of the Echo Dot is less than optimal for music, and is only ever good for phone calls and using the voice assistant Alexa. It is clear that a capable sound system is needed to get that high-end audio.

While you could just hot glue the Echo Dot onto a standard pair of speakers, we highly discourage it. While that could be done in theory, it is likely to be a shoddy job and will also void your warranty. The actual function of the speakers should be along the lines of Alexa acting as your personal DJ. When having a party or a function over at your house, a little background noise is needed to cut out the awkward silence. The wireless functionality of the Alexa is great, as you wouldn’t have to leave your phone somewhere in the presence of snobby people. Now you can rule the turntables and make sure that everyone listens to your music, depending on whether your taste is good or not.

Best Wireless Speaker for Echo Dot

Here is a list of speakers that are sure to liven up your parties, give a high-quality private listening session and hook Alexa up with something she really needs.

VAUX speaker

Instead of buying multiple Echo Dot units, would it be better to get one unit that is portable enough to come with you everywhere in the house? The VAUX speaker is one of the many speakers smart enough to design the body in such a way that can actually hold the Echo Dot while in use, so it not only gives power to the whole Echo Dot unit but turns the entire system into a single portable device.

The speaker promises six hours of battery life, and the two 5.2cm drivers will definitely make the Echo Dot a good, general use speaker around the house. The best part is that you don’t need a different power cable to charge the joined devices. The charger that powers the Echo Dot is neatly capable of charging this speaker too. This speaker is a great upgrade if portability is needed.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 speaker

If handiness and water resistance aren’t as necessary to you the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 is absolutely a good choice for the Echo Dot. This speaker sounds amazing and that’s because it has two D type amplifiers built in. These amps are capable of pushing 240 watts of peak audio power. It has deep, thumping bass while the mids are decently loud and highs are clean. You can daisy-chain up to four of these speakers through a cable connection and up to two speakers using wireless.

Although it could be connected wirelessly, the best way is to plug in your Echo Dot directly into the speaker itself. Not only does it prevent Bluetooth lag, but it also creates a better sounding signal. It may also prevent the usual pairing problems that occur. Since these are not portable speakers, they will need to be plugged in at all times. Think of it as a tradeoff. What this speaker lacks in portability, it makes up for in audio quality and aesthetics. And speaking of aesthetics, the speaker has a bold anyways. The front panel mesh could be replaced in order to match up with your décor.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin

The speakers mentioned above are more than enough to use with the Echo Dot, but there are consumers who look for premium speakers and do not mind paying more for it. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless speaker is the only speaker that comes to mind. This speaker has cutting-edge drivers, professionally tuned DSP unit and a modern chassis to create an amazing experience for its owners. Wireless streaming is easily done through Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, and Airplay. The controls on the device are simple and decent.

It has an array of speakers that are tuned to deliver the best sound. It has two 25 mm double dome tweeters redesigned from its previous series, along with a pair of 90mm mid-range speakers and to top it all off, a massive 160 mm subwoofer. Keep in mind that these speakers are individually powered by a tuned class D amplifier each. Honestly, when it comes to hooking up your Echo Dot, this is the top-tier speaker you can buy.


These speakers are placed at different price points and are intended for different uses. The VAUX speaker is perfect for taking around the house while the BeoPlay is best used for stationary sessions. The Zeppelin is intended for high-end listeners who know what they want out of a speaker. You do pay a premium but it is more than worth it. All in all, these speakers are more than enough to satisfy all your music listening needs.

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