Best Waterproof Speaker For Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

We believe that the best waterproof speaker for kayaking or the best waterproof speaker for paddle boarding has to be the Wonderboom. “Read below on why Wonderboom is best kayaking speaker”. Finding a good speaker is difficult. It has to be small enough to be portable, but still sufficient for a solid sound – you want to listen to your music and make it sound good while you enjoy your time out there. In addition, with the outdoors come some dangers, so you need the peace of mind that comes with water resistance and even shock resistance. Even if a loudspeaker endures spatters, blows and some mud, even the hermetically waterproof design will not prevent a speaker from sinking to the bottom of a lake or pool. Physics can be a pain.

Ultimate WONDERBOOM Wireless Waterproof Speaker wants to be the spokesman to solve these issues. It blends seamlessly with Ultimate Ears’ other shockproof and waterproof Bluetooth speakers but stands in the middle of the company’s cheaper, portable models and the larger, louder and more expensive models. Instead of simply bridging this gap, the Wonderboom has its own unique qualities that give the tiny speaker his own identity.

Best waterproof speaker for kayaking/waterproof speaker for paddle boarding?:

the waterproof speaker for paddle boarding
The Wonderboom can get a hit that makes it more resistant than most speakers at a similar price.

The best feature which makes the Wonderboom the best waterproof speaker for kayaking/waterproof speaker for paddle boarding/portable underwater speakers for swimming pools is it’s waterproofing standard  IPX7, so it can be immersed for 30 minutes without water in up to one meter of water. Of course, it makes a floating design that makes this an unlikely scenario.

Another feature which makes the Wonderboom the best waterproof speaker for kayaking/waterproof speaker for paddle boarding is that it is also very shockproof and survives up to six-foot drops unscathed. This durability makes the Wonderboom a breeze for outdoor activities, especially for lounging in the pool or a day on the lake and of course Kayaking.

The Wonderboom is designed for a ten-hour battery life of 75 percent volume, but Ultimate Ears often makes conservative battery estimates and we bet it may be better than what they’re praising.

We never had a battery life problem, even after a weekend of heavy listening, when the battery test indicated that the battery level had dropped somewhere in the middle range.

As far as the connectivity area is concerned, the Wonderboom can maintain a connection of up to 100 feet.

We found the speaker good, even though the phone we used for playback was in another room at the other end of the house. This would make it possible to realize a pair of Wonderboom in separate rooms of a big house during a party.

Design & Interface

Weighing at  425 g with dimensions of 10.2 x 9.4 makes Wonderboom a very portable speaker. Because of low density, it becomes a very good portable underwater speakers for swimming pools, because one can take it underwater. But it floats too, on it’s on so that also makes it best floating pool speakers.

The design of the WONDERBOOM Wireless Waterproof Speaker is simple and tidy. It’s a squat cylindrical device, with non-slip rubberized plastic covering the top and bottom, and a tough mesh of waterproof fabric around its circumference.

A small bungee loop sits on top, ideal for hanging speakers from wires, carabineers and more.

For controls, a power button and all-in-one “UE” button sit on the top, and large “+” and “-” buttons glisten the front of the speaker, controlling the volume up or down. The USB micro port is protected by a small tab on the bottom of the speaker, but Ultimate Ears ensures that the water does not get access to the internal electronics, even if this little door just stays ajar.

Basically, it looks very similar to other Ultimate Ears speakers, but this time it’s a short cylinder, rather than a big cylinder like the Mega boom and Boom 2 or a conical puck like the Roll 2.

All playback functions are performed by a single button on the top of the speaker. A single tap pauses and plays the current track, while a double tap skips to the next track. This is similar to the tap control of the UE app, minus the visual feedback from the app. The UE key also takes over pairing with another.

If you hold down the button for a moment, both speakers will be paired simultaneously. It’s a simple process that results in enhanced sound or even a fast multi-room setup.

In fact, there is no user interface on the Wonderboom outside of the basic control scheme – not even a battery life gauge. If you press the volume up and volume down keys at the same time, you will hear a tone indicating how much juice the Wonderboom battery has left.

These are easy to understand, with an ascending tone that corresponds to a high battery, a neutral tone for the average battery, and a descending tone for a low battery.

The design of these various elements makes for an easy-to-use speaker as soon as you have memorized the various controls and functions. While we can appreciate the aesthetic considerations of doing less on the speaker itself, we would have preferred more transparency in terms of battery level, or whether a song was paused, or whether nothing was being voiced at all.

Due to it’s extremely portable design Wonderboom becomes the best candidate for the best waterproof speaker for kayaking and waterproof speaker for paddle boarding.


Best Floating pool Waterproof Speaker For Kayaking Paddle Boarding

Here is the 360-degree design of the speaker used. From every angle, what you are listening to will sound like you are looking straight ahead at the speaker. This also means that the speaker can be heard in situations with lots of background noise.

For example, we used the Wonderboom while driving on the highway in 1993 in a Subaru, which is not exactly the quietest drive.

Cheaper Bluetooth speakers have in the past produced no audible sound in their cabin that can match the engine, but the Wonderboom was completely audible.

Even the tortuous, technical riffing of the math-rock group Tera Melos – which could easily be transformed into a blanket of semi-melodic cacophony with enough noise – was clearly visible in the background noise.

For outdoor use, the Wonderboom would compete well with the neighbor’s lawn mower or mechanical pool pumps.

For quieter, more ideal listening environments, you can better understand the sound of the Wonderboom. One of the Ultimate Ears claims with the Wonderboom is that it has a better bass than the other outdoor-focused loudspeakers from UE.

Of our time tests, we would certainly confirm this claim. The performance of the Wonderboom is remarkable for its size.

The driving bass of Run the Jewels’ “Talk to Me” was a powerful thrum, and with a louder volume it had a real effect, while still leaving enough room for the rest of the mix; the verses of Killer Mike and El-P came through loud and clear, and the instrumentals were crisp.

However, press the volume too high and there will be distortion in the lower register. This became particularly apparent when listening to a podcast or a spoken word track, as lower-pitched speakers tended to sound more booming than they naturally did.

Heavier tracks, like Mastodon’s “Leviathan”, of course, were also enriched with the volume. But we never found a track that could not be heard even at maximum volume. Considering how loud the Wonderboom is anyway, it probably will not cause a big problem.


Wonderboom is a simple speaker, and the packaging reflects that. When you pull down a cardboard sleeve and open a bowl-like box, you can see the speaker itself, with its bungee loop around a small tab in the box to hold it in place.

The only literature included is a small guide to safety and care, and an easy-to-read diagram on the inside of the box that shows how to turn on the Wonderboom and connect a smartphone via Bluetooth.


Wonderboom is seriously the best waterproof speaker for kayaking, paddle boarding or for swimming pools. It’s very durable and portable. One can also say that it’s a best floating pool speakers there is in the market because it floats on its own. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a portable underwater speaker for swimming pools. With only weighing at about 400 g. One can easily take it underwater. Whether you are looking for the best floating pool speakers or the best waterproof speaker for kayaking or the waterproof speaker for paddle boarding or the portable underwater speaker for swimming pools, look no further than the Wonderboom. We tested its sound on different outdoor activity, the first on our list was the kayaking. It did very well there with a very good sound and a lot of bass. Didn’t sound cheap at all. So it was a tick on our best waterproof speaker for kayaking. The next test was the floating test. And it passed for the best floating pool speakers too. The next was for the waterproof speaker for paddle boarding. Again hands down the best waterproof speaker there is. The last test was to check on weather it is a portable underwater speakers for swimming pools. And it did great there too.

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