What Is The Best Heavy Duty Electric Stapler For Office Use

Find what is the best heavy duty electric stapler for office use with top class features and high efficiency. 100 sheets are no problem for them. Tired of having sore fingers from continuous stapling? Then it is definitely time to get an electric stapler for your office. You could staple up to 25 sheets in a single click and hundreds in under a minute.

An electric stapler is not a luxury; it is a necessity especially in a place where there is workload and paper work. For that you need to go for the best electric stapler for office and a heavy duty electric stapler that can staple up to 100 sheets in under a minute.

Now your office should also be well equipped and shouldn’t be poorly organized.

It should look well equipped as well as professional and the unique styles of these staplers would give your office an aesthetic look.

Getting an electric stapler is a little form of investment as it would save your time and energy. Now the major question is what is the best electric stapler? Or what is the best heavy duty stapler?

The best recommended electric stapler is the Swingline 690e.

This model can hold up to 30 sheets at a time and can put up with 5000 staples before reloading.

The machine is does not create any noise so you can easily do your work while your papers are stapled without being disturbed.

This machine has a high stamina and comes in two different colors so you could choose any one for your office and give you office a professional and personalized look.

This is the best electric stapler for office use.

However you should know about other top class models as well that would suit your office, the best heavy duty staplers and the best electric staplers.

Swingline 690e (What is the best electric stapler)

This machine is a swift working machine that can hold up to 30 pages at a time and 5000 staples before needed to be reloaded.

This machine is high in stamina and works efficiently and productively.

It’s a heavy duty stapler that can take loads of work and simply needs reloading of the staples.

The model weighs 2.7 pounds which makes it slightly heavy but side by side makes it ideal for your table as it won’t slip from the table or get misplaced easily.

This machine operates very quietly and silently so it doesn’t create any noise, won’t disturb your colleagues or employees and you yourself can work at peace.

Buying the best electric stapler meaning the Swingline 690e would prove beneficial and profitable as it saves you time and energy.

It is like a little investment to your office. Also it comes in two different classic colors that give your office an upgraded unique look.

This is also the best heavy duty electric stapler that does your too much stapling in a few minutes.

Bostitch Impulse 25 (Best electric stapler for office use)

This light weighted model has a capacity of 250 staples and the power of stapling 25 sheets at once.

It has power of stapling sheets 3x faster than most of the other models.

It has an alert sign that shows that the machine is running short of staples and needs more staples to do its job.

This is the best electric stapler for office as its simple style would make your office look professional and personalized.

The model is not very complicated and is easy to use which makes it the best electric stapler for office.

Does heavy duty and is reasonable in price as well.

This machine weighs 1.7 pounds so it is very easy to carry from one place to another in case you want to place it on other table or are moving your office.

Swingline electric stapler (Best heavy duty stapler)

This is another model of the Swingline series.

This machine however has a capability of stapling around 20 sheets at a time.

It has quiet machinery that does not create a sound polluted environment.

When the staples are running low it has an automatic alert that indicates shortage of staples.

The stable base keeps the stapler to its place and prevents it from slipping out.

The only minor issue is that the stapler jams when staples are low.

Other than that this is the best heavy duty stapler as it can continuously staple making it a perfect choice for office use.

Also this machine is light weighted making it portable so you can share it around among your colleagues when needed.

Swingline 48200 (Heavy duty electric stapler 100 sheets)

Last but not the least the Swingline 48200 also known as the best heavy duty electric stapler for stapling 100 sheets in 2 clicks.

The machine can staple 50 sheets at a time and just needs to clicks to staple a bundle of hundred.

This high-speed electric stapler has a keen steel construction that makes it efficient and professional looking as well.

This is the best heavy duty stapler for a busy office/environment.

However, it does not have a very high staple capacity and can hold around 210 staples at a time which means it might need to be reloaded quickly through the heavy duty and non-stop work make up for it.

Does a load of work at high speed and power that makes it unique and one of the top models.


As pre discussed, the Swingline 690 stands on top all and is the best heavy-duty yet electric stapler of all time especially among the Swingline line.

It does a load of work in a short period of time at a high speed and its smart built design makes it perfect for office giving it an up graded look. Also, the low price makes it cheap but the quality is durable yet top class.

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