Best Hidden Spy Voice Activated Recorder For Car

In this post, you’ll find the best hidden spy voice activated recorder for car. Where to hide a voice activated recorder in a car is no longer an issue since, these voice activated recorders for car are compact sized, easy to use and hard to find. All your doubts and insecurities about your spouse, children or your drivers can be instantly taken away with just a single spy recorder in your car. Not only this, it is also a great way to keep you and your family protected from unwanted harm or danger.

After various weeks of research and testing multiple voice activated spy recorders, we have concluded that:

Mini Voice Recorder is the best among the three voice recorders that we have selected.

Why it’s the best?

  • Compared to other mini spy recorders, this one is the tiniest which makes it easiest to hide anywhere. Its size dimensions are 1.2 x 0.4 x 1.1 inches.
  • Unlike other mini recorders, this one has password protected memory. You can set a 4 digit password.
  • This voice recorder is different from others as it allows you to select from different sensitivity levels for the voice activation sensor (up to 10 levels).
  • It allows you to choose between 4 recording qualities based on your needs, unlike other mini recorders (32, 192, 384 or 1536 Kbps in wav. format).

Voice Activated Spy Recorder (Our 2nd Choice)

This voice activated recorder for car is our runner-up. It is an easy one-touch operating device with no confusing lights or buttons. You simply have to move the switch to either side to start and stop the recording.

Why it’s not the best?

  • It’s more expensive. It costs you $99.99 whereas, Mini Voice Recorder costs you $84.94.
  • Mini Voice Recorder has a 286-hour recording capacity, whereas, this recorder has a 140-hour recording capacity.

Why it’s still better than others?

This product unlike the other spy recorders is 100% guaranteed and provides a premium USA Based Tech Support by Phone, Email or Live Chat. Also, it offers you a free one year warranty, which the other two mini spy recorders don’t offer. Its standby battery lifetime is up to 25 days in VOS mode which is a unique feature.

Mini Voice Recorder (Best Spy Voice Activated Recorder For Car)

This is the best voice activated recorder for spying and thus our top choice. It is an ultra-small digital voice recorder which is very user-friendly and the products company offers you a lifetime technical support. Below, is the brief detailing about this product.

Why do we like it?

This smallest hidden audio recorder has a unique and sturdy design. It has a built-in memory which can be protected through a 4 digit password and a rechargeable battery with a battery lifetime of 24 hours while continuous recording. It has a 286 hours recording capacity and a 4 GB storage capacity. Mini Voice Recorder can record even while it’s being charged and shows the battery level indicator. However, its display turns off automatically after 10 seconds.

You can play the recordings on your computer and it supports the following operating systems:

● Windows7/8/10.
● macOS.

What’s in the box?

● Installation Manual.
● User Manual.
● USB cable.

Who it is for?

This voice recorder is the perfect way to expand your memory. It’s time to change your life with this tiny device which allows you to capture ideas and conversations as they come to you. Since its portable, you can use it in your cars, meetings, interviews, discussions, verbal business agreements, while taking courses in class, or for recording any other audio you need. It can also be an amazing gift for students, writers, business professionals, or a family member.

Pros. & Cons.

  • Tiniest device.
  • Lightest.
  • 4 recording qualities.
  • Password protected memory,
  • Selectable sensitivity for the voice activation sensor (10 levels).
  • Package includes a user manual, USB cable, and installation manual.
  • Lifetime support.
  • 286 hours recordings capacity.
  • 24 hours of battery lifetime.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • 4 GB storage.
  • Can record while on charge.
  • Display turns off automatically after 10 seconds.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Supports Windows7/8/10 and macOS.

  • It records continuously for one hour and then autosaves so if you are recording for a longer period, you’ll lose about 5 to 6 seconds of the recording after one hour as the device will be autosaving the recording.

Voice Activated Spy Recorder (Our 2nd Choice)

This spy voice activated recorder for car has high end features that place it miles ahead of conventional voice recorders. It allows you to get high quality recordings and an easy playback. Let’s discuss this product in detail.

Who it is for?

This is a complete audio listening and recording device which can be used in your car without anyone even thinking it’s a recorder since it looks like a USB drive. It is suitable for parents who send their children alone with the drivers to school, or in fact for making sure you don’t miss out on anything. For instance, in case you forget an important verbal agreement or discussion while you were traveling with your business partner in the car. This device will save everything for you.

Why do we like it?

Voice Activated Spy Recorder is a long lasting spying bug with a 140 hours recording capacity which runs for continuous 15 hours of recording. It has a single switch which you can rotate up for continuous recording, press inward to stop recording and rotate down for voice activated recording feature. Through the voice activated recording feature, you can put the device in your car and forget about it. It will automatically start recording when it senses a sound. Once, the sound has stopped, it will automatically stop recording and put the recorder into sleep mode to save the battery life and disc space. The files are recorded in HD quality MP3 format and can be played in any audio program, such as iTunes and Windows Media Player. This voice activated recorder spy can also record while the device is on charge and has a 4 GB storage capacity.

What’s in the box?

● Warranty.
● Premium USA Based Tech Support.
● Charger Adapter.

Pros. & Cons.

  • Voice activation feature.
  • 25-day standby battery.
  • 140 hours recording capacity.
  • 15-hour battery life. (Continuous recording)
  • Can record while being charged.
  • Automatically stops recording when no sound and puts the recorder into sleep mode to save battery life and disc space.
  • 4 GB storage capacity.

  • Expensive.
  • It has no password protection to secure your recordings.

Slim Voice Activated Recorder (Our 3rd Choice)

Although, Mini Voice Recorder is our top choice, but we have another runner-up as well. This hidden voice activated recorder for car works great and gives you high quality recordings. Let’s discuss this product in detail.

Who it is for?

With no confusing buttons, it operates by a simple switch which makes it easier to use by anyone and anywhere. It helps you preserve your ideas and record the important meetings, discussions, and agreements. It is a lightweight and practical recorder to keep in your car or carry along with you, which looks like a USB flash drive.

Why do we like it?

We adore this spy voice activated recorder for car as it has a dual USB port for USB 2.0 so that you can listen to all your recordings on your Mac or windows PC and a micro USB port which allows you to listen to your recordings on Android devices. It has a mode button which lets you shift between the voice activated recording or continuous recording modes. Slim Voice Activated Recorder has an ultra-sensitive microphone that helps eliminate noise while recording and has a 94 hours recording capacity with a 26 hours battery lifetime. This spy recorder takes only about one hour to full charge. Also, the product assures you with a lifetime customer support.

What’s in the box?

● Double cap.
● User manual.

Pros. & Cons.

  • Dual USB port.
  • Compatible with Android devices and windows/Mac PC.
  • 26 hours of battery lifetime.
  • 94 hours recording capacity.
  • Package includes double cap and user manual.
  • Lifetime customer support.
  • Mode button.
  • Allows voice activated recording and continuous recording.
  • Ultra-sensitive microphone.
  • Active noise reduction.

  • Does not record while on charge.
  • Does not offer you a warranty.


A detailed comparison has been carried out for you between the three best spy voice activated recorders for car. Hopefully, these details will help you in deciding which among the top three mini spy recorders, is the most suitable one for you, according to your budget and needs.
If you’re looking for the smallest sized voice recorder, which has the most recording capacity, has a battery lifetime of 24 hours, 4 GB storage capacity and can record while charging then, Mini Voice Recorder is the best choice to make.

However, if you’re looking for a spy recorder that offers you with a warranty, premium USA Based Tech Support for lifetime, has a recording capacity of 140 hours, 4 GB storage capacity and can also record while charging, then Voice Activated Spy Recorder, is for you.
Furthermore, Slim Voice Activated Recorder is also worth looking at. Although, if cannot record while on charge but has a 8 GB storage, recording capacity of 94 hours and a battery lifetime of 26 hours.

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