4 Coolest & Cheapest Key Finders You Must Consider Looking Into

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So is there any key tracking system for apartments or your car? – Be it that you are extremely forgetful or the weight of the problems and tensions going around you doesn’t allow you to keep your stuff at its place, simply the fact that you live around mischievous people who like to prank you at times or you have kids in your house that would misplace your essential things. Out of all other things, keys are of great value as losing or misplacing them would mean a lot of misfortunes especially if you are getting late or traveling to a far-off place. Imagine not being able to locate your house keys and having a breakthrough in your own house.

Luckily with all the advancements in technology this area of troubles has been taken care of by gadgets called the key finders. Key finders, also known as, key locators or electronic finders, are small electronic devices used to recover misplaced or lost key sets. Their goal is to reduce the time it takes to locate keys or other personal items while remaining unobtrusive.

Keyfinders come with different features and employ different technologies to be of more help. Some key finders are Bluetooth supported, some use radio transmissions and others are equipped with the latest Radio-Frequency Identification.

Best Key tracking system for apartments or your car?

TrackR Bravo key finder.

TrackR bravo is a coin-sized gadget that easily attaches to any device or item you would like to track. There is trackR app which allows us to know how far away from our device or keys are and with a mere tap of the finger you can ring the tracker to know where your lost item is in seconds. Bluetooth functions work when you turn on the trackR Bravo for the first time using the button and wait until it appears in the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone, then tap and wait for it to pair. You simply tap the ‘ring’ icon in the app, assuming that the TrackR is nearby and connected to your phone via Bluetooth, and it will emit a high-pitched alarm which should help you track it down. This key finder has a GPS tracking system as well. If you lose an item you’ve tagged, the corresponding app will show you maps of where the item was last known to be and will send you anonymous GPS coordinates from other Button TrackR users who may be in the vicinity of your lost item.

TrackR bravo - Bluetooth Tracking Device. Item Tracker. Phone Finder. iOS/Android Compatible. Generation 3, Silver (1 Pack)

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Tile mate keyfinder and tracker.

This useful and advanced key finder with its corner hole cutout, this locator easily hooks on to keys or bags etc. this gadget uses Bluetooth 4.0 to track down your lost or misplaced items in short to medium ranges distances meaning around 30 feet on the shorter end and circa 100 feet on the medium end. The tile mate comes with a free app which works with this locator. You simply press the button on the tile mate keyfinder and when you place the tile next to your smartphone it will activate. A very staple function is to ring your item. For this ring function, we have to tap the find button on the app and tile mate will start ringing letting you know where the device or the searched item is. It has four preset ringtones which you can choose as you like. This tile mate allows you to share access to the Tile app with other people. This way, you can get assistance in finding your keys, especially if you left them at a friend or relative’s house.

Tile Mate - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder - 1-pack

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Hbutler Orbit

The device enables you to find your lost keys using a companion app for iOS and Android devices, which activates a 90-decibel alarm that comes directly from the Orbit’s built-in speaker. The last known location of your keys is also marked on a map to make it easier to find them. the Orbit can be used to find your phone as well, and it works as a selfie remote. There’s even a useful separation alert that will sound off if you leave your keys behind.
If you have the tendency of leaving things at places where they are arduous to find or you want to have more security for your precious items, there is no reason to ever lose them again with the key finders.

Orbit - Find your keys, find your phone and take a selfie - Shocking Pink

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The Pixie

This is one of the most precise and well-equipped key finding devices available. the Pixie app will track the key’s or other item’s location within inches. Using a tag, you’ve attached to your key ring like the other key finding devices, this one uses a compass and a camera interface to show you exactly where your keys are hiding. The app interfaces with the camera on your smartphone and superimposes a compass and an arrow over the image of the room, with the compass leading you toward your keys and the arrow pointing to their precise location when you get close enough for the arrow to appear.

Last update was on: November 19, 2018 5:59 pm

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