Moonlight cushion with remote control

Moonlight Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow is here – Our moods are very responsive to our surroundings. Young or old everyone has a fascination towards glowing items, be it fairy lights or glowing stars or colorful bulbs. We simply love to fill our sitting areas and relaxation places with positive radiating light sources. Mostly light sources come are often harsh to eyes and aren’t often as comfortable as we would desire. We have always heard to keep such objects far away from us as they are composed of dangerous materials, but having something luminous to cuddle with? Or to squeeze or spoon in?

Thumbs up is a company that has come up with amazing glowing cushions that you can literally spend your every moment with and that too without having to worry about the dangerous components.

This is called the moonlight cushion. We all love cushions? After a long day at work, running around after the kids or socializing with friends and family, we all like to sit down and relax and what better way to get comfy on the sofa or your armchair than a nice plump cushion. This latest and futuristic moonlight cushion is the best thing that will make you go bonkers.

Made with plush white fur, this light up cushion is the fluffiest light source around! Created as an upgrade to the popular Moonlight Cushion, the new infrared remote-control feature allows you to change the color, contrast and strobing of the light with just a touch of a button. Dubbed the mood changing cushion, Mood lighting doesn’t come much softer than this. This light-up color changing cushion has to be the fluffiest light source available anywhere. Made with extremely soft plush fur with due care, an internal light source illuminates the whole cushion with a gently shifting light that shimmers in various different colors.

Comes with a remote control. The battery and switch for turning it on and off are carefully tucked deep inside the cushion so that you won’t even feel it. changes into the variety of colors such as red, blue, yellow and green. The remote allows us to change between these colors of our choice. The moonlight cushion has multiples modes. There is a flash mode in which the light colors changes whilst the light flashes. Then there is another strobe mode in which the cushion lights slowly fade in and out. The most beautiful option is the one in which lights start from either the top or bottom of the cushion and fill up the entire cushion making it look like a shooting star.

Powered by a battery pack that sits tucked away inside a zip-up compartment, the low energy LEDs ensure that the Moonlight cushion is bright and safe. Works with just one touch. A tap to the center of the cushion brings it to life or switches it off, so there’s no need to access the battery pack during normal use. This absolutely cozy comfortable plush pillow will sooth you every time with its nice in touch surface. To add to the touch sensation, you could turn on the lights. 10 LED lights will gently brighten up your dark room and these colored LEDs will slowly and randomly change their range of 7 pastel colors. The actual effect is best visible in the dark.
Chill out and use the soft illuminating glow of the Moonlight Cushion to create the perfect atmosphere in any room where you want some light, but not too much. The visual splendor of the Moonlight Cushion lends itself effortlessly to any home environment, from adding the finishing touch in a candlelit living room whilst you celebrate a movie night, to being a unique and comforting nightlight in a young child’s bedroom. The Moonlight Cushion would make a perfect housewarming gift or wedding present for anyone who loves to relax and enjoy some mood lighting at home or why not treat yourself to a nice warming glow that only the MoonlightCushion can provide.

The moonlight cushion is a very high-quality material and is also a standard size that you’d expect to see on a sofa or chair. Making an ideal choice to gift to someone and also to create a perfect and calm ambiance to your home.

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