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If you’re an office worker, a gamer or a student, it means that you must be spending hours on the computer every day right? Even though you may not realize but this could pose some serious health risk. As the computer mouse is used more than the keyboard and other computer devices, it may cause repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome. These are the two of the most common health risks. The repetitive strain injury also known as the RSI is a result of repetitive work, awkward positions, and forceful workload. To avoid these, instead of buying the regular computer mouse one should opt for the best computer mouse for repetitive strain injury.

To find the best mouse for repetitive strain injury you may want to go through this article and know about the best quality with high-class features and affordably tagged computer mouse.

Of all the mouse that are specially designed for the RSI we have collected, we present the top 4 that has passed all the tests making them the best computer mouse for repetitive strain injury and among them that stands on top of all is the J-tech Digital V628.

This mouse is specially designed for repetitive strain injury and is the best among all having the best quality, decent features and the best price that is budget friendly. In the following article, you’ll know the details and about the other mouse as well.

J-tech Digital V628

This is known as the best computer mouse for repetitive strain injury for its outstanding qualities such as that this mouse comes with 7 mechanical buttons that is, on the left side you never may misclick.

You may not realize but we cooperate with our positions to match the mouse designs.

These ergonomic mice help you with the natural body position.

This mouse avoids wrist pain and pains in the arm/hand region generally.

This is the best that you’d find in the market.

The detachable palm rest is another feature that can be fixed according to your desire that keeps you comfortable.

The rubber pad works as a cushion that rests your wrist giving it a relaxed position.

The device just needs to insert with the USB and then it is ready to use.

The thumb-controlled buttons make selection easier and the mouse comes with an aesthetic blue LED design.

This is compatible with multiple devices and is easy to use.

The vertical and sleek design makes it comfortable to hold and rests the wrist and arm.

Sharkk Wireless Vertical

Shark wireless vertical is known as the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pains.

Its decent and sleek design meets the comfort of making it one of the best computer mice for repetitive strain injury.

It helps with the natural hand position instead of keeping the wrist in the wrong position and causing pain.

Navigation is improved with the help of the rubber pad and for smooth scrolling and tracking, there are 6 buttons on the mouse.

For battery life conservation it has auto-sleep feature however, it uses two AAA batteries.

This is compatible with multiple devices.

Due to these out class features, this model is tagged as one of the best mouse for repetitive strain injury.

Not only these but this device is not expensive as well and is budget friendly.

This model is however not suitable for left people handed.

HAVIT Wireless Vertical

HAVIT wireless vertical is firmly constructed ergonomic mouse with matte finishing and durable abs. the device is scientifically built to avoid RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome as well as wrist pains.

The model has six buttons on which you can have an easy control and a smooth grip.

Not only these but it has a wireless technology and offers a large number of operational cycles.

The model has an affordable price and it is hitting the market with all of it’s outclass features.

The only minor issue is that this is model is not suitable for left-handed people.

Apart from that, this is an ideal device for right handed people in order to avoid repetitive strain injury.

This is also counted as one of the best computer mouse for repetitive strain injury.

Buying this device would not be something you would regret as it would prove best results and would help with the natural wrist position on a great level.

Adesso iMouse E-9

The best quality about this model is that this is specially and scientifically designed for left-handed people and in that case, it is not suitable for right-handed people at all.

Now if you’re a left-handed person, this may be the best choice you could make.

This device reduces the likelihood of having RSI and keeps your wrist pain free.

This does not need any mouse pads and works well on any kind of surface.

This device is surely appealing and sleek making it aesthetically modern along with such features.

The model has six buttons, three on either side of the mouse that makes it easy for you to scroll and navigate on your monitor.

The only little problem is that glossy surfaces may cause your hand to slide off and it may take some time for you to get used to this ergonomic mouse.

These are not some major issues that would turn out as a problem but other than these, this mouse is ideal for left-handed people and lists in one of the best computer mouse for repetitive strain injury.


Now that we’ve listed the best computer mouse for repetitive strain injury, we know that the best among all is the J-Tech Digital V628.

They offer all qualities and features that are necessary for an ergonomic mouse for RSI.

In the most affordable price and with all the top class features this is listed at the top.

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