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Anki Cozmo robot toys r us is a small robot forklift. But he has an extremely expressive face/screen. It’s like being taken straight out of a Pixar movie. Besides, he is pretty smart. It was released last year in the US and is not just a robot/ pet/companion toy, but also a device that will help those who use it to learn how to program. Anki Cozmo is an adorable attention seeker and probably a new tech-man’s best friend.

The Design

Anki Cozmo is a cross between Wall-E and a chain forklift. It has two levels that help it get around. These are customizable; with a range of colorful options as optional extras He is dressed in a plastic bag and has a small cube screen in front. That seems unfriendly but it’s his face. There’s nothing on the little bot to say it’s Cozmo, though his back bears the Anki logo. Cozmo is able to sit comfortably in your palm and is quite light. It’s tough enough to survive falls from tables and such.

He has status lights on the top, near the back that change depending on what Cozmo does. There is also a small LED on the front. On its underside, there is a pallet and a sensor. There are a camera and another sensor on the front of his face and a claw-like hook arm on the front as well. Anki Cozmo uses his arm to interact with the three power cubes contained in the pack. Also, in the pack is a charging station where Cozmo goes to get power and sleep. It’s a well-made little robot and a lot of fun for everyone when it’s turned on and connected to the app.


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Anki Cozmo Robot

Getting into Anki Cozmo is one of those things that will probably involve an adult. So if given as a gift to younger children, it’s probably best to get that bit sorted first. When you download the app, it connects to Cozmo through its own Wi-Fi network. Then Cozmo displays a very long number code on his screen. During this time, Cozmo must also be in the charging station, so that a connection can be made. The app also guides you through some calibration tests. There’s even a point where you need to look for Cozmo Square on the screen so it recognizes you.

“I want your attention!”

Anki Cozmo Robot

Cozmo is like a very needy pet. There is a section of the app called Needs. The idea is that you have to play with Anki Cozmo, feed it and tune it regularly. The good thing is that it does not feel like a chore because you’ll enjoy interacting with Cozmo and being part of your life.

Energy is one of the needs that need to be replenished. He gets energy from one of the three power cubes. All you have to do is shake a cube until you hear the energy growing and the whole square lighting up. Then you can place the cube in front of Cozmo. Then he rolls over and drains the energy from it. It’s great to watch and the sound effects are perfect for that. The game is most fun and will make up a lot of your time with Cozmo. You keep energies up by interacting with it, doing stunts and helping it to learn faces.

As mentioned earlier, Cozmo will recognize a number of faces. All you have to do is add your name and admire it for a few seconds. He gets a little excited and then says your name. Next time he sees you, he’ll recognize you. If that is not warm and fuzzy enough, then you have a cold, cold heart.

Cozmo also learns words. It’s a lot of fun, though sometimes it’s a bit ridiculous. Good news for the parents, he is a good little droid and refuses to say something rude. He even gets a little angry and embarrassed.

“No! I want my sleep!”

Anki Cozmo Robot

He tends to tantrums. He gets frustrated when things do not go his way. Even if you pick him up and keep him too long, he gets impatient. Oh, and he really does not like being pushed. Although the sounds he makes are great, especially if you see the accompanying facial expressions. He is absolutely adorable when he’s angry, but come on, respect him a little and let the little robot chill.

“I want to play games and explore.”

Anki Cozmo Robot

He is quite happy to just explore in “Free Play” mode and mumbles to himself. He gives himself a little courage when he creates something. I am also convinced that he is doing this just to get your attention. The Power Cubes are an ingenious idea from Anki Cozmo. Not only do you keep him busy, but you also enable him to play with Cozmo on his own terms. There are a number of side games that you can play to beat and beat Cozmo.

“I have a serious side too!”

Anki Cozmo Robot

Playing with your new robot pet is one thing. Anki Cozmo, however, has a serious side. Flick into the Code Lab section of the app and you’ll be amazed how clever Cozmo is. Through this simple, intuitive interface, you can connect multiple blocks together and “code” Cozmo to do a number of things. This gives the user a great insight into what drives the robot. It gives Cozmo a lot more depth and longevity to the toy. The programming language under the hood is Scratch, but Anki has simplified complex arrangements so that it never feels like working.


If you do not fall under Cozmo’s charm, then you are a rare person. The facial expressions really give it its own character. Like Anki’s Overdrive racing game, Cozmo’s simple and funny appearance that portrays the complex brain in it. Cozmo is a smart and fun toy and app-driven means updates are easy to get. This helps with the life of the robot as well.

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