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There is no gain without pain but with the help of Pavlok shock clock wristband, you can actually gain a lot with just a little shock. Let’s shock ourselves out from bad habits with the help of Pavlok electric shock wrist alarm clock. In this post, we will be sharing a detailed review regarding does Pavlok work or not and how this shock clock wristband is going to make you gain a lot of good habits. Our team tested the Pavlok electric shock wrist alarm clock for weeks and came down to the following conclusion:

Pavlok is a great device which tends to give you a little shock, every time you hit the snooze button of your alarm. It makes you jump out of your bed faster and at the right time. You can use it to optimize your life and strengthen your good habits. We really find this shock clock wristband innovative and unique.

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Why is it the best?

This electric shock wrist alarm clock is on the minds of a majority of people and there are a lot of reasons for it too. We are definitely in admiration of this device and here is why we consider it a good option to invest in, without a lot of thought:

  • Pavlok has been created with the aim of diminishing destructive behaviors with the help of a little shock. But we adore the fact how this amazing electric shock wrist alarm clock offers a lot rather than just being an alarm which helps us get out of bed faster. The reason why we consider it the best is that its makers have not restricted the idea of this device to just being a watch. It can be used in various ways to beat destructive habits and optimize life in a very good manner.
  • The most asked query about this device is does Pavlok really work? Well, YES it certainly does. We adore the fact how Pavlok is really effective. For instance, one of our team members tested it for waking up on time and within some days; he claimed that it was really helping him. When you don’t wake up on the alarm, the shock clock wristband vibrates a bit. If there is still no movement, it gives out a little shock which tends to wake you up completely and you just jump out of bed. If you hit the snooze button, it will directly shock you, without any vibrations.
  • Who likes being shocked? Well, the idea here is clear that none of us wants to be shocked. However, Pavlok allows you to adjust the shock level. A lot of people tend to set it higher so that they can stay determined and beat their bad habits. However, if you have any cardio issues, it is suggested that you keep the shock level lower. This is a great feature from Pavlok which doesn’t make it the bad guy.

Pavlok Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer – Wearable Smart Alarm Clock - Never Hit Snooze Again

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How does Pavlok work?

Our team did a complete analysis on how does Pavlok work to help people, get rid of bad habits. We were too curious to see whether does Pavlok really work or not and we came to a very staunch conclusion that it certainly does. Here is everything you need to know about how does Pavlok work and help you out of destructive habits!

Pavlok electric shock wrist alarm clock comes with a manual which suggests you make a list of bad habits that you are looking forward to eradicating from your life. Waking up early is the basic one for all of us because that leads to all the other chores that have to be done along the day. You can make a list of your bad habits, such as chatting a lot unnecessarily, craving junk food a lot or maybe diversion from pending tasks. All of these habits can be diminished by utilizing this shock clock wristband in the right manner.

What really matters in making this device work is your own level of determination. The device shocks you automatically on not waking up on time because initially, it is an “alarm” shock clock. However, if you want to use it for other bad habits, you need to be motivated enough to actually shock yourself out of them.

Here is how does Pavlok work to be your helping hand in getting rid of bad habits.

  • The packaging of this device says that you will be all good within 5 days if you wholeheartedly aim to shock yourself out of all the destructive habits that you want to get rid of. Also, make sure that you make a list that is beatable within 5 days. 3 habits per week seem as a good start.
  • The idea of this shock clock wristband is pretty simple; you adjust the shock level that you can bear and every time you are going ahead for the bad habit, you press the shock button as a reminder not to.
  • For waking up early, you set the alarm on Pavlok and it vibrates if you don’t wake up as a reminder. If there is no movement for some time, the device sends out a shock automatically.

Does Pavlok Work?

So the biggest query here is that does Pavlok work or is it all a myth?

Well, for all those who are confused about does Pavlok really work; it DEPENDS ON YOU. Nobody likes getting shocked now, do they? If you are determined to stop yourself from doing something, only then you will shock yourself and stop doing so too. A lot of users have said that they shocked themselves but did what they had to anyways. This is where lack of determination or motivation came into a role and stopped the fear of the shock. Some people said that they took this electric shock wrist alarm clock as their motivator and every time they shocked themselves, they didn’t go ahead to smoke, or drink the 5th cup of coffee or whatsoever.

However, if you are planning to utilize Pavlok as an alarm only, then you don’t even need motivation or any sort of determination. As this is initially an electric shock wrist alarm clock, it vibrates automatically if you do not wake up. Also, after a while, it shocks you if no movement is felt. If you snooze, the watch shocks you again.

Thus, if you ask us about does Pavlok work; we certainly consider it a YES.

Pavlok Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer – Wearable Smart Alarm Clock - Never Hit Snooze Again

1 new from $129.99
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Last update was in: November 15, 2018 12:16 am


App integration

Integrates with GPS, friends, and sensors to make it easier to track goals

Manual mode helps you get rid of other destructive habits

Zaptic feedback

Shock adjustment

IOS and Android Compatibility

Pros. & Cons.

  • There is no confusion of does Pavlok really work or not because the biggest perk of this device is that it is effective. It is indisputably amazing in waking you up on time each morning. It does what it is made for.
  • The Pavlok app is completely free of cost and is accessible via IOS and Android both. You can change the settings, shock levels and a lot more through the app.
  • The adjustable shock levels are another major benefit of this shock clock wristband. Nobody really wants to get shocked and some people have cardio issues. This feature is amazing for all sorts of people.
  • Another thing that our team simply adored was the fact that the creators of Pavlok welcome all sorts of feedback. The app allows you to send in your thoughts anytime and they promise to take a step towards it too.

  • The wristband is a bit uncomfortable to wear all the time. The strap itself is pretty comfortable and makes it easy to adjust the wristband too. However, sometimes, it might pull your hair from the arm which makes you feel itchy.
  • Some effort could have been put into its design. A wristband is evident to the whole world and if it doesn’t look really attractive; not everyone is going to go ahead and buy it.
  • If you shock yourself a lot, your wrist will feel itchy and a little red too.

Who is this for?

This shock clock wristband is perfect for people who are not the morning people. Being honest, a majority of people wouldn’t be determined enough to shock themselves out of bad habits. If the shock mode for other destructive habits was also automatic, then it would have been a perfect pick for almost everyone. However, if you are determined to get rid of your destructive habits, then you can definitely get this one because it does work!


We consider Pavlok a creative innovation. There is no confusion about does Pavlok work or not because it is effective and it fulfills what it promises. This electric shock wrist alarm clock is great in waking you up on time. Whether you like it or not, the shock is going to make you drag yourself out of bed.

If you are confused about does Pavlok really work for other destructive habits then we would suggest you analyze yourself. This is important because Pavlok doesn’t work automatically for other bad habits. It works on annual mode which hardly motivates anyone these days. We have clarified about how does Pavlok work for other habits and how does Pavlok work for sleeping habits! You can clearly judge that Pavlok works best for making you wake up on time.

The decision is yours to make! If you are fed up of getting insulted by your boss every other day, for not being on time, then this is the best bet for you. You definitely Pavlok shock clock wristband to get yourself into the habit of waking up on time.

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