Best Electric Pencil Sharpener For Classroom Use

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What is the best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use and for colored pencils like the Prismacolor. Well, these Sharpeners are heavy duty and Robust and they get the job done. One of the very best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use is the LINKYO electric pencil sharpener. Read more about it below.

Electric sharpeners are needed in everyday life, especially in classrooms.

Students in classrooms require pencils and for understandable, neat and clear writing, electric sharpeners are the best choice for efficient usage and outstanding features.

One should go with the best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use.

The sharpener however must be heavy duty as it would be burdened with lots of color pencils to sharpen on everyday basis for the whole classroom.

So what would be the best pencil sharpener for colored pencils?

The best kind of electric sharpener would be the prismacolor premier pencil sharpener which is specially designed for the prisma pencil color line, however its specialty is that they work just as best for other brands.

This is the best electric prismacolor pencil sharpener however there are other types of electric sharpeners that you might want to give a look at, all in their special designs and features that make them classy.

Best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use:

A durable model of electric sharpener is required when it comes to classrooms where numerous amount of pencils need to be sharpened on a daily basis and one never knows how many times one might need to sharpen their pencil.

When writing notes and making diagrams it’s important that the work is neat, understandable and clear which means pencils require sharp tips and not dull.

For that purpose, LINKYO electric pencil sharpener with automatic smart sensor for kids and home use sharpener work on top of all.

It’s features works as the best pencil sharpener for classrooms and teachers.

The vertical design allows easy sharpening and the large receptacle allows a huge volume to store shavings.

It comes with helical steel blades as well as auto stop mechanism.

It is a perfect selection for sharpening large packs of pencils on a daily basis. 

LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener with Automatic Smart Sensor for Kids and Home Use, Gray

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 One of the best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use.

Heavy duty electric pencil sharpener for classroom use:

Looking for the best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use? Well the X-ACTO proX classroom electric pencil sharpener would be an ideal choice. Along with its affordable price, it comes up with its durable quality making it a keen choice for everyone. Its outstanding performance makes it unique and advanced compared to others.

The sharpener is light in weight of around a pound with helical steel blades. It comes with a warranty of 10 years. The model works efficiently creating a classy look with a high level durability. It is also one of the best choices for sharpening of colored pencils of different shapes and sizes.

This heavy duty electric pencil sharpener comes with a silent motor that makes no noise even after a long day of use.

This makes it ideal for classrooms and everywhere where silence is needed, thus proving that the motor is silent but very powerful.

Worried about over sharpening and breaking?

No worries, this high quality sharpener comes with its advanced cutting system which does not allow the breaking of pencil or over sharpening once its tip is sharp. It creates a precise and sharp tip as well as prevents the waste of pencils.

Its performance is satisfactory for office work as well as classroom use.

The model comes with 6 different holes for different shapes and sizes that allow further precision.

Also it comes with a large storage to store the waste and pencil shavings preventing it to be spilled around.  

X-ACTO ProX Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

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 Another best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use.

What is the best pencil sharpener for colored pencils?

A wild and popular choice for this category is the Staedtler manual pencil sharpener.

It’s an affordable yet waxed base friendly sharpener; however it doesn’t have any aesthetic duties to perform. It does the similar job of that of other manual pencil sharpeners.

Known as one of the best pencil sharpener for colored pencils it can take keen control over oil or wax based color pencils providing a super sharp tip even with soft lead.

It creates clean and smooth lines. This sharpener has a separate storage for the pencil shavings meaning you won’t have shaving litters around you, providing the screw lid in order to open up for dumping the excessive shavings and prevents accidental opening.

This sharpener is portable and easy to carry around which means that students and office workers can carry around wherever they need to, also it’s ideal for students to carry it in their pencil cases.

Only a minor issue is that it loses its durability after a few weeks, meaning that it may start over sharpening, but again, the extremely affordable price and high quality makes up for it’s over sharpening struggles. 

2X Staedtler Manual Pencil Sharpener (STD51163) Colors May Vary

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Another best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use.

Best pencil sharpener for prismacolor colored pencils:

The tall, slim and sleek design makes it attractive as well as a highly effective. The translucent body allows you to see when the sharpener is full. This flexible sharpener can be used on a range of brands and core materials.

Due to its slim and sharp nature it performs flexibly with wax based pencils as well. Even though it costs double of its siblings but its performance is also two times better managing the soft leads and oil based leads.

The prismacolor premier pencil sharpener is a fine selection for a fine point and sharp details. It comes with two different blades each made up of fine steel for smooth cutting and fine performance.

The model measures 3 inches high and weighs around a pound, a perfect choice for beginners and experienced artists.

Not one of the best but it provides a sharp tip and smooth edges however it doesn’t break the tip very often.

Saying this is higher in price compared to its sibling, it is also perfect of a large set of pencils which one wouldn’t find frustrating in making the perfect tips. 

Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener (2)

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 Another best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use.

Best electric sharpener for prismacolor pencils:

The model of School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener weighs around a pound but comes with outstanding qualities that make it a unique a sharpener.

Its helical steel blades do the precise cutting of the pencils tips giving a sharp look and a firm tip.

It offers a year’s warranty of efficient usage. This heavy duty pencil sharpener is the best as electric colored pencil sharpener. Its wide use in art classes and classrooms proves its safe use and prepares razor sharp tip within 2-3 seconds.

The powerful blade system comes with a powerful motor and ensures smooth usage.

The motor however is not so quiet; however it’s a fair deal in exchange of the super smooth job.

One of the most useful functions is the auto stop function which protects the pencils from over sharpening and creates the just perfect tip of the pencil that goes on top of the line.

Also it is specially designed to perform best with the prisma color pencils line however it suits a wide variety of brands.

The auto stop feature comes in handy when putting the pencil in the respective holes as every person applies a different pressure and weight, at this time the function comes in handy so the pencil may not be pushes to hard or too light providing the sharp and smooth tip.

Since it’s a heavy duty sharpener, it comes with a large shavings receptacle to store the pencil shavings and avoid spilling.

The receptacle can carry pencil shavings of the entire classroom; also the receptacle is transparent so you would know when to empty it. The model is very fair in price, fast and durable with satisfactory features. 

School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, 6 x 4 Inches, Electric

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 Another best electric pencil sharpener for classroom use.


All these sharpeners are highly efficient and affordable to any kind of budget.

The listed electric sharpeners are some of the best electric sharpeners that are used for classrooms and are heavy duty with flexibility and razor sharp blades.

However the best of all and all time demand would be the prismacolor pencil sharpener.

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