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HP Zvr is one of the best hologram pc monitor out there. As part of the new workstation setup, the range has been expanded to include the unique Hp ZVR display monitor. Although 3D displays are not new, the Hp zvr display goes a few steps further by integrating head tracking into the hardware, where four IR sensors at the top of the monitor track five points on the 3D glasses for virtual reality.

Secondly, a Force-Feedback stylus is used as the primary interaction tool for 3D VR visuals. A keyboard and a mouse work in 2D space and are difficult to manipulate objects in 3D space, i.e. those that are not displayed on a 2D display. The 3D display, combined with head tracking and stylus interactivity, enables unprecedented immersion and control of objects in 3D space. With the pen and the head tracking holographic objects can be rotated, manipulated and zoomed. When supported in software, parts of objects such as parts of an engine or vehicle can be removed and manipulated. DisplayPort 1.2 is required to deliver the 120 Hz refresh rate required for 3D / Stereoscopic Display.


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To the best of its knowledge, the Hp ZVR display is the first turnkey display and input solution to offer this kind of virtual reality made by a mass market vendor.Since this is a visual technology that we describe, you have to see it for yourself. The holographic 3D effect is noticeable on the camera, but to our eyes, it was strong and correct. Some objects could be pulled almost at eye level.The few caveats we found with the ZSpace system were that with the technical demos we had experienced, we still had to change tools with software to change the functionality of the stylus. This is reminiscent of old touchscreen PCs, where the touch had to be constantly switched on and off. 

Virtual reality system

Because it’s a virtual reality system, not just 3D, you have to travel a long distance to capture the 3D objects to manipulate them. This is apparently a feature and is intended as it replicates the distance from the user to the object. In our opinion, for a professional employee who works with these objects all day long, it can be tedious to constantly grab the system to capture the interactions.

Hardware-wise, the monitor is part old specifications that combine a long in the tooth, 120Hz TN panel and USB 2.0. This is not surprising considering the 3D character of the product, but for the target market, higher resolution and full gamut panel technology would have been good. HP used a Z-Series workstation with a single E5v3. This display is not intended for gamers who would better fit NVIDIA’s 3D Vision ecosystem. However, it is possible that these displays come to market head-tracking aspect. Hopefully, the adoption of this technology by the top-tier OEM (high-end OEM) will bring this desired technology to the masses.

Hologram Pc Monitor HP ZVR display

Rotate and navigate 3D images from the interactive 23.6-inch display. The Hp ZVR display will change how users think, work and create virtual 3D holographic images. The new HP display delivers new technologies that maximize the visual experience and transform the way people work and create.

True Holographic Viewing

The HP ZVR Virtual Reality Display enables immersive real-time exploration and manipulation of 3D content. Users interact seamlessly with a high-resolution stereoscopic 3D display in combination with parallax and direct interaction, providing an intuitive user experience with realistic views. The Hp zvr display collaborative, allowing employees to work the way they would today. They can look at things in the real or virtual world, even if they use the same platform. The optional HP ZView solution also lets you share 3D models in real time on a large 2D screen. Ultra high-definition display delivers outstanding image quality.

Users will enjoy a resolution of 3840 x 2160 on the HP Z27s (27 diagonal inches) and HP Z24s (23.8 diagonal inches) displays. These two 4K monitors feature a 16: 9 UHD panel with sRGB or AdobeRGB color space and 1.07 billion colors for incredible color reproduction of highly detailed digital workflows. The displays include Display Port, DVI, HDMI, Mini-DP, MHL and USB 3.0 ports, and feature an ergonomic 4-way base that allows for quick switching between landscape and portrait. The HP Z27q display has a 5120 × 2880, 5K color space. It delivers seven times more pixels than a classic Full HD display – packaged in a factory-calibrated IPS solution. The HP Z27q has first-class pictures with 14.7 million pixels, a 16: 9 aspect ratio, 300 nits (4) brightness, and 1.07 billion colors.

Curved Displays Enhance Visual and Audio Computing Experience

The HP Z34c, HP ENVY 34c, HP Elite Display S270c and HP Pavilion 27c Curved Displays provide an elegant, immersive, sweeping image and audio experience with enhanced peripheral readability. These Hp ZVR displays feature an exceptional low-haze technology that reduces reflections without losing clarity, with a wide field of view of 178 degrees. Users can mirror smartphone or tablet content on the screen via an MHL connection, which also keeps the devices charged and ready for use. The HP Z34c and HP ENVY 34c 3000r Curved Displays have a 34-inch diagonal and 21:9 aspect ratios.

These HP displays support ultra-high resolution 3440 x 1440 with 98 percent sRGB and premium 6-watt / channel speakers with DTS audio. Featuring a VESA-compliant mount, they feature picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture capabilities that allow users to simultaneously view device and PC feeds. The 27-inch diagonal HP Elite Display S270c and HP Pavilion 27c 4000r Curved Displays have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD (6), an aspect ratio of 16:9 and an RGB color space of 95 percent.

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