Best Green Laser Pointer For Presentations | Long Range Wireless Remote

Remote makes presentations great that’s why we bring you the best green laser pointer for presentations. These long-range wireless remotes are amazing.

A presenter must be capable enough to draw his/her audience’s attention towards his prepared presentation.

Different presenters use different strategies in order to get the audience’s attention.

Use of a presentation remote is one of the best strategies as it makes the presentation much more alluring as you have a proper command over your material.

This keeps the audience engaged and interested in what you have to present.

This small device is a digital wireless remote that is used to control the slideshow of the respective presentation.

This ensures the time accuracy of when each slide needs to be changed. Professionals use these remotes that have inbuilt laser lights that are used to highlight important points and specify key points of the presentation.

The device comes in handy in schools as well as offices and score plus point for the presenter. One could go through all the minor details when presenting which is a beneficial point.

Now if you need a wireless laser pointer presentation remote, you need to opt for the best laser pointer for presentations and that would be the Logitech wireless presenter R800.

With a wide distance range, this laser pointer remote offers a high level of control over your presentation.

The time functioning being to the point and performs its duty t the best. The attractive feature being the laser pointer is a strong and powerful laser that is long lasting yet durable and reliable.

This being the best of all is fairly low in price, however, there are other options that you would want to go through in order to select what suits you.

Logitech wireless presenter R800

The device is specially designed for presenters with soft buttons so slides can move in a breeze with a single soft touch.

These buttons are specially designed to minimize the discomfort which means usage of the buttons would be a pleasure.

After the presentation is over the black screen button would allow the audience to divert their attention to you.

The laser pointer that comes with it is green in color and brighter than the usual red, also its wide range of distance allows the presenter to point at the projector from any distance of the room easily.

A critical point can be made very clear to the audience with the help of the laser light.

This laser light remote completely fits in your budget as it’s not expensive, its costs a respectful amount in return for its high class features thus being the best laser pointer remote for presentations.

The long battery life and vibration alerts are bonuses to its already satisfactory features.

The device is a top quality that lives beyond your expectations.

Newmen Wireless Presenter 2.4GHz Laser Pointer, Rechargeable PowerPoint Presentation Remote

The model has a bright green in-built laser that goes as far as 15 meters that making it best for use in schools, offices, and meetings.

It has a time control feature which means that it has a vibration alert tool, alerting about the time control, thus you would have a proper command over the time control and would be able to wind up the presentation within the allocated time.

The LCD screen side by side gives you the key reminders such as the battery life, time, and other reminders necessary for the device or the presentation.

The bonus point is that the set up is compatible with all the different kind of systems including Mac, Windows, Linux etc.

The model is easy to use as it requires no setups or installations, one could just get starting by plugging in and then they’re ready to use.

The laser battery can be simply charged through the USB port meaning there won’t be any hassle and can easily be charged.

The power saving feature is that it does not consume extra battery and just does to the point work.

Also, it’s a fairly great deal as the device is low in cost given that it has some of the best features a presenter needs.

INFINITER LR-22GR Wireless Remote

This model of the laser pointer falls in the top ten categories for its attractive design and some of the best features.

Manufactured with the best of material and features this model is specially designed in Taiwan for the job that it is made for.

The green light laser pointer works efficiently and is capable of going through a wide range meaning that the laser can be a pointer from any corner of the room to the subjected projector.

The device is environment-friendly as well as capable of saving you a great amount of battery.

The laser beam works on LCD screens, projectors as well as on the walls so it is suitable for any kind of workplace.

The laser beam makes it easier for the audience to understand the highlighted points.

The device is portable and easy to use meaning that it is not too confusing or bombarded with lots of useless features.

It does the exact job that it is for and works as one of the best.

The laser beam can move up to 30 meters of range.

This makes the cost of the device fair enough presenting such advanced features being bargained at a fair cost.


Even though all these models fall in the top ten categories, the R800 is still the best recommended green laser pointer remote as it has multiple functions and bonus features that a professional would need.

It is ideal for both professionals and beginners.

Being fair in cost and offering such a wide range of the laser beam distance.

Of all the above R800 would be the most recommended however one could get any of them that suit their profession and budget.

These are the best models that come with impressive features R800 standing on top all.

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