Scribble Alarm Clock Instructions & All You Need To Know

All you need to know about Scribble alarm clock including Scribble alarm clock instructions- Whenever we wake up we feel very stuporous. Starting the day becomes a very big challenge as we are unable to focus on our routine and make a mental sketch of all the activities we have to carry out in the day ahead.

We always want someone to provide us a start. Alarm clocks have long been doing the service of waking us up in the morning, but figuring out what to do in the following day or providing that kick start as we get out of the bed is so far been an element of neglection.

Being forgetful is an added problem with the natural lazy feeling when we wake up and if we have something important coming like a meeting or a class, we definitely need something that combines a kind of reminder with an alarm clock.

To solve all your such problems is available, a first of its kind SCRIBBLE ALARM CLOCK. This is the coolest alarm clock ever. A very elegant and stylish design for an alarm clock with a digital display. Also dubbed as the memo alarm clock, this alarm clock is guaranteed to wake you up and remind you all the stuff that needs to be done and the deadline that have to be met.

This is an alarm clock with a glowing LED backlit panel. Aside from the LED alarm clock, this clock features a unique illuminated memo board. The memo board is backlit and is attached to the clock and looks like a screen protruding from the top of the alarm clock. The memo board is translucent and the main purpose of this board is for you to scribble down your reminders or messages on it. Using one of the two included pens, write yourself a reminder about tomorrow’s meeting and wake up to it in a mesmerizing blue glow.

(Scribble Alarm Clock Instructions at the very end)

Scribble Alarm Clock Features

Scribble Alarm Clock Instructions

This unique watch comes with four 2.0 USB ports, enabling you to keep all your devices connected at once and making it a USB hub. Plug in your mouse, keyboard, printer, flash drive, speakers, headsets, external drives, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, digital cameras, and more. With Plug & Play connectivity, you will be ready to go in no time. The output maximum of this device is 500 (Mah) per hour.

This clock alongside USB power source also works on batteries. Three AAA batteries are required and batteries mean that if accidentally your USB power source is cut off it will shift the batteries keeping all your settings safe.

The main feature which makes this alarm clock distinct from other is its memo board. The scribble alarm clock features an acrylic memo board which comes with two of its own markers which are safe for writing on this scribble board.

The clock has multiple features. It shows time in its stylish digital led display. Temperature is also displayed on the clock in centigrade. The scribble alarm clock can also be your mini calendar showing you the date and the year. There are three different alarm sounds and lastly a timer as well. To set or change all these features, there are buttons under the alarm clock. A ‘’M’’ button for mode, ‘’S’’ button for set and one button for up and one for down to toggle up and down between different settings. To set the alarm you have to press the mode button for three seconds after which scribble alarm clock will give you the option to choose between 12-hours or 24-hour clock time.

The scribble alarm clock lightens up when the alarm goes off. The fluorescent message board glows on the set alarm time. Forget about keeping a notepad when you have this scribble alarm clock. it’ll always come in handy to have a little reminder! And you won’t have to write messages all over your hands and arms anymore, which is great! No more ink in bed and no more scrubbing ink off for hours in the shower! Just wipe the face of the clock and write down your new message. whether you have the greatest ideas in the wee hours or simply need a neon reminder of the things you need to do then the Scribble Clock is the perfect bedside accessory.

Alongside all its amazing features, it looks extremely beautiful just sitting on top of your bedside table or study desk. A thing as magnificent as this scribble alarm clock will please you and make you proud of owning it. enjoy this nocturnal scribble alarm clock.

Scribble Alarm Clock Instructions

1 – Battery Installation & External Power Supply

Open battery cover and insert the provided three AAA batteries. If
the batteries are installed correctly, the product should automatically
start, display panel will reset the time and temperature to 25 degrees
celsius, and will produce a ‘beep’ sound. If not, please reinstall the

2 – Display Mode

i) Plug in external power source. The time background display and
writing board will light up. If not plugged in, the background light
will turn off after 10 seconds.

ii) If no buttons are pressed, the screen will turn off in 10 seconds and
display panel will automatically change back to time display.

iii) When the time display is on, press the ‘up’ key continuously to get
the following display modes:

Static Display: Time > Temperature > Year > Month & Day
Scrolling Display: Time > Temperature > Year > Month & Day

3 – Search, Setting Function

i) When displaying the time, press ‘M’ (for Mode) continuously to get
the following modes:

Time > Temperature > Year > Month & Day > Alarm 1 > Alarm 2 >
Alarm 3 > Birthday Message > Timer > Time

ii) In any display mode, press and hold the ‘S’ (for Set) button for 3
seconds to go into setting mode. Press ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ to change
settings. Press ‘S’ again to save.

iii) In setting mode, press and hold ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ for 3 seconds to
speed up setting process.

iv) In setting mode, press ‘M’ to save current setting and move on to
the next display mode.

4 – Time Settings

When in time display mode, press and hold ‘S’ for 3 seconds. 12 hr or
24hr display mode will flash. Press ‘S’ again to enter time setting
mode – the ‘Hour’ will start flashing. Press ‘S’ again and the ‘Minutes’
will start flashing. Press ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ to set the time.

5 – Temperature Settings

When in temperature display mode, press ‘S’ to switch between
Celsius or Fahreinheit display.

6 – Calendar Settings

i) When in Year display mode, press and hold ‘S’ for 3 seconds. ‘Year’
will flash. Press ‘S’ again to enter Day & Month/Month & day display
selection. (“M,D” stands for Month, Day. ‘D,M’ stands for Day, Month.)

ii) When in Month, Day display mode, press and hold ‘S’ for 3 seconds
to enter Month settings. Press ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ to set the date.

7 – Alarm and Snooze Function

i) In Alarm display, Alarm(1) will flash. Press ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ to select
Alarm 1 ring tone. Press ‘S’ to turn Alarm1 on or off. If Alarm is off, the
display will look like –:–, or the alarm time will be displayed. Press
and hold ‘S’ for 3 seconds to set the alarm.

ii) Alarm’s on/off status will be displayed in the normal time display

iii) In time display mode, press and hold the ‘Down’ button for 3
seconds to turn off or turn on alarms.

iv) In time display mode, press and hold ‘Up’ button for 3 seconds to
turn off or on Snooze function for all alarms. If snooze button is on,
there will be a snooze icon on the display.

v) Alarm will ring for 1 minute. If snooze is on, alarm will ring once
every 5 minutes for 3 times.

vi) Press any key to stop alarm.

8 – Birthday Message

i) When birthday message mode is displayed, a candle icon will
flash. Press ‘S’ to turn the birthday message function on or off. When
it’s off, the birthday display will look like –:–, or will display the time
of the birthday message.

ii) To set the birthday date and time, press and hold ‘S’ button for 3
seconds to enter birthday settings. Press ‘S’ again to enter Month,
Day settings. Press ‘S’ again to enter Hour, then Day, press ‘Up’ or
‘Down’ to set. Press ‘S’ after selection to return to birthday display

iii) When in time display mode, the candle icon will be on if birthday
message is enabled. Birthday message will ring for 1 minute. Press
any button to stop.

9 – Timer and Stopwatch

i) When in stopwatch mode, an hourglass icon will flash. Press and
hold ‘S’ for 3 seconds to enter timer settings. Press ‘S’ button to set
minutes, seconds, turn on, or pause. Press ‘up’ or ‘Down’ button to
change flashing selection. Timer can be set from 0 minutes 1 second
to 99 minutes 59 seconds. When timer reaches 0, ringtone will
sound for a minute. Press any key to stop.

ii) When the stopwatch is paused, press ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ for 3 seconds
to reset the stopwatch to 0.

iii) When in time display mode, the hourglass icon will flash if timer
is on.

10 – USB Hub Usage

i) Plug in USB into computer to use. The 4 USB ports can be
plugged in to various kinds of products. This USB hub supports:
Windows 98 / Windows2000 / 2003 / Windows XP / Windows Vista /
Linux / Mac OS X systems.

11 – Message Board Usage

i) Use the neon pen included in the product package. Use the
eraser at the tip of the pen to erase.

All of this information on instructions has been taken from this manual here.

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