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Clicking pictures with just a flashlight is so ordinary, so we decided to find the best selfie ring lights for you. Taking selfies without a selfie ring is just not in mode anymore, the results are not very satisfying either. A selfie ring is the best invention for all selfie lovers, it will literally make your selfies flawless. The selfie lighting rings can be attached easily to your phones and other smart devices. We have found some of the best options for you, these selfie lights are selected after taking tonnes of selfies and searching a pile of user reviews. Let’s look at the selfie ring light flawless lighting products.

TIPS to choose the best Ring Light

Before buying a selfie ring always check if it will fit well with your phone, the size also matters a lot it should be lightweight and compact. Do check for the quality and color of the light the ring emits.

Tycka 40 selfie ring light flawless lighting (Editors Chocie)

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Why Is This Best?

  • Weighs just 73g and it takes 1.5 hours to fully charge it
  • More than 50 min operational time
  • Powerful high-quality LED light, not harsh to eyes
  • Stepless brightness control, very easy to use
  • This one is the super best because it has a kind of clipping attachment which can be rotated easily
  • Two colors light to produce a variety of effects, both warm and cold light options
  • A fresh and Warm light feature will allow you to take pictures without any light difficulty
  • It has 3 lighting levels for the various uses, such as for makeup, finding something, needs a torch at nights, taking selfies in the dark
  • It has two layers of experts optical coating with the 32-power LED to further make the light fresh and soft instead of too much brightness.
  • Simple and easy to use. The product can easily charge with the available USB power supply like Laptops, Computers, or even wall charger. The product can also be charged through the power bank.
  • The selfie light can be used while charging
  • 30 days money back guaranty


The product is priced at, $18.99 which is totally worth it. This has a lot of features, and the plus point is its “clipping” attachment. This is a best selfie ring light with flawless lightning effects that will surely change your selfie-taking experience.

OURRY selfie ring light flawless lighting (Our 2nd Choice)

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Why is this not our first choice?

  • It needs a little practice to plug the attachment into the recharge, as compared to our first choice
  • More suitable for female users, due to the kitty shape and pink color

Why Is This our second-best pick?

  • The round design of OURRY ring light will throw a full brightness over the whole face to give maximum brightness effects
  • Its compact in size as just 3.3 x 2.1 x 0.8 inches and weighs only 1.12 ounces
  • Easy to take pictures and makeup applications instead of getting shadows across your face
  • 9 light effects adjustable to your personal needs, perfect for snapchat selfies
  • The soft and bright light will help to provide you with a great result on dark nights
  • USB rechargeable option makes the life even more comfortable. Just plug the product to any USB power supply and charged the product instantly
  • 3-levels of brightness gives you more explicit pictures every time
  • Small size and portable to carry with you anywhere
  • Record and share videos with perfect lighting will never be felt so comfortable with this product
  • 30 days money back guaranty


This is one of the best selfie ring lights for iPhone and smartphones is available at the price of $12.99. The price is very reasonable considering the features it offers. It comes with 100% percent money back guaranty.

Our overall best the Tycka 40 LED Selfie Ring

Tycka clip-on selfie light with the best rechargeable option. This light comes with the charging USB cable, so you don’t have to waste money on buying batteries again and again. The benefit of this light is that it will save your money. Just charge the battery through a USB cable and your selfie light is ready for taking pictures. The best part of this light is that they can give you a bright picture on very dark nights as well. The product contains adjustable levels for the brightness and can be used for any purposes. Take bright pictures, work like a torch, makeup light, and much more.

Stepless Brightness Control system

This innovative light ring comes with two built-in brightness controllers which will enable you to choose the most suitable light effect for your selfie. The rotating gear wheel will enable you to adjust brightness from 0% to 100%, you will be able to select different lights from soft white to a little bit orange colored brighter light.

3-Level of Brightness

This one also has this option of 3 level brightness which makes the possibility to click the pictures according to the desire lightning.

Who Is This For?

Selfie lights are primarily used to take pictures clearer, brighter and more precise. The flashlight is not an option anymore, we need something latest and more convenient to the best pictures. When the pictures are clicked dull and dark, then these selfie lights are the only hope left.

Pros. & Cons.

  • Easy to use for makeup applications and taking pictures
  • Charging USB cable
  • Good quality product
  • It has a clip, so it can be suitable for any device

  • Need much effort to plug attachments for recharging
  • Not enough white light, it’s redder shaded

Watch this video to find out more,

Our Second Best pick the OURRY Selfie Ring Light

The OURRY selfie light is among the best sellers. It has charging cod which gives you a freedom of changing battery issues. Easy to charge feature will always be on the top of the list. The round design and full of lights will give you an excellent picture quality. It is a circle type design, so you get lights circularly which covers the face area perfectly. From head to chin, everything will be covered with the lightning effect, so you don’t have to move the ring up and down. This is the best selfie ring light not just for iPhone but for every other smartphone.

360 Degree – 60 Degree Rotatable Light

Another amazing quality of this product is that this is a 360 degree to 60 degrees rotatable light. You don’t need to move the phone to take someone’s selfie. Just move the light and start clicking. The selfie ring light flawless lightning has 9 different effects, you can adjust them accordingly. 3 brightness level options will give you another best way to take pictures in the perfect light balance.

Round Shaped

Round shape makes the easiness to take full head to chin bright pictures. This has a whole light on the circle area which doesn’t give you a kind of shadow while clicking on the pictures.

Who Is This For?

The product is best not just for iPhones but also with most smartphones, and its compact design will make the product even more perfect. This is having a USB charging cod same as the above one. Easy to use and can go with you anywhere.

Pros. & Cons.

  • Battery life is good
  • Durable product
  • Very handy and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and portable

  • The quality of light can be improved
  • The cord size is a little short

Our third winner is the Meifigno Selfie ring light

This one is the cheap but efficient solution, Meifigno selfie light is a must buy for all the selfie lovers, to make their pictures more amazing and brighter even in the dark. It’s always pleasant to try with your display functions, structure filters and styling effects but evidently the real solution to capture a beautiful picture is the brightness effect. Without enough lighting its practically impossible to take a clear picture if not a good one.

Very efficient and Cheap in Price

Meifigno gives you full freedom to click pictures with your preferred lightning intensity of light. It will provide you with a kind of natural light for your face. It doesn’t give you a harsh light which annoys your eyes. The selfie light has become the prominent thing between in this generation. And yes, a picture without a proper light will never give you satisfaction. Though, this one is also best selfie ring light for iPhone, mostly.

The cool things about it

  • It will only cost you $7.99
  • Completely charges in 30 min
  • It has an amazing 20 mins operational time
  • Sized at 6.5 x 0.4 x 5.3 inches, its very compact
  • It weighs only 0.64 ounces which make this ring light extremely portable
  • The product is a rechargeable selfie light with long hour battery life.
  • It also has 3-level brightness according to the level you want.
  • The availability of 36 LED bulbs that will surely provide you with enough lighting to quickly take pictures or do some makeup touch-ups.
  • Great for the back camera as well.
  • The product will help you to record or make live videos easily with brighter effect.
  • Full round shaped selfie light which fits easily to cover the entire background.

The not so cool things about it

  • The manufacturing quality can be improved
  • The clip is not working properly on monitors.

Who Is This For?

This one is the cheap yet efficient option for all the selfie lovers. It will make your selfies experience better than ever with more lighting effects and brighter results. You can easily take pictures and do your makeup touch-ups with just hanging the product with your phone.

Final Verdict

It was a hard job to find the best selfie light rings, we did our best to bring you the most independent review for our selected light rings after doing meticulous testing

The best option is our first pick the Tycka 40 LED Selfie Ring, its compact, portable, efficient, durable and it has all the features you can wish for in a selfie light. It’s powerful and holds up charging for much longer than our other two winners.

If you want to get a selfie ring light with clipping attachment, that makes the product easy to move, the go for Ourry selfie ring our second-best pick. It has both manufacturing quality plus rotational ability to adjust camera angles and lightning effect. It can Quickly rotate the ring to the angle you want.

Our third winner the Meifigno selfie ring light is the cheap and efficient option. It has almost everything you need in a light ring to make your selfie-taking experience amazing.

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