Make Your Sleep Better With The Imusic Pillow

Is listening to music while sleeping bad? – The answer depends on what sleepings habits do you have. How do you sleep at night? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Are you facing insomnia? Well if so than this post is for you as here you’ll discover an amazing pillow that will help you to fall asleep.

Music has been there for decades and is an essential part of our lives. Be it relaxation or motivation, music provides us it all. Music is great for soothing yourself and let go of stress.

With technological advancements and new inventions, people are in dire need of something they could attach to and gather themselves.

The two best things that come to our minds for this purpose are, sleeping and listening to music.

Sleep can make freshen us up like nothing else and music adds that motivational zip to our life. Never before have we been introduced to both of these in a single featurette.

Recent studies have shown that music can be very beneficial your sleep as it calms down the nerves and allows peace of mind.

iMusicPillow is a breakthrough in this field.

What is imusic pillow?

The Sound Pillow Sleep System is the ultimate sound conditioner, providing an intimate sound experience. A plush, hypoallergenic pillow with two virtually undetectable speakers was engineered, from the inside out, for total comfort and great stereo sound. The system comes complete with an easy-to-use MP3 player pre-loaded with nature sounds, hypnotic-binaural music, White Noise, Blue Noise and Pink Noise files. The Sound Pillow Sleep System is a user-friendly, MP3 player loaded with 18-one-hour tracks of ultra-relaxing hypnotic-binaural music, real nature sounds, as well as White Noise, Pink Noise and Blue Noise files, thus creating an intimate sound conditioner with a wide variety of content. Audition our content by clicking on the Sound Samples tab, above.

The music and nature sounds are soothing and created to be slow and evolutionary. the goal of imusic pillow is to help relax your mind, body, and spirit. The system is an affordable, holistic sound conditioner to help you relax and unwind from a wide variety of daily stressors including tinnitus, past traumatic experiences, anxiety, addiction, sleeplessness, a racing mind.

Listen to your music without disturbing those around you

imusic pillow

We all get annoyed if someone continually plays loud music around us and that too especially at night time. Imusic pillow allows us to keep our music to our self. The music transmits through the pillow at a comfortable listening level.

A pillow that plays music?

Imusic pillow that plays music with its built-in speaker and guaranteed to give you even a better experience than headphones. It is powered by a connected device meaning that we don’t even need to connect a device to it.


It is a super comfy, a very plush and cozy pillow. It is filled with hollow fiber that keeps it intact even after use for a long time. There is a speaker built into this pillow. Equipped with a removable wire that attaches the pillow to your mp3 or other music players, be it your iPod or smartphone or even your laptop via its headphone jack. Along with comfort, imusic pillow pays special attention and is created to give you the ultimate sound experience. The speaker is buried so you can hear clearly without disturbing those around you. You can’t feel the speaker at all. The connector cable is approximately 124cm long so you don’t have to worry about placing your device on the floor in case you don’t have a bedside table.

The pillow is also brilliant for people who suffer from tinnitus as it will create a background noise which will aid them in falling asleep. Celestial white noise soundtracks are proven to aid people sleep. Insomniacs can find this imusic pillow ideal for them. You don’t have to use the pillow to just listen to music, you could use it for audiobooks, learning a new language, self-help or even revision. You can also set up the pillow so that you can listen to the television, listen to radio stations and also podcasts without annoying anyone else in the room. You don’t have to use it in bed, you can take it on the plane, train trips or in the car.

Imusicpillow is made of cotton and polyester and the filling is of polyester fiber. Dimensions are 75.00cm (L) x 65.00cm (W) x 15.00cm (D).
After all the headphones you have tried and after all the times they won’t let you flip while you try to sleep or after all the times that your earphones keep falling out of your ears, this imusic pillow is what you have been searching for years. The ideal level of relaxation that you have never experienced before.

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