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Smarter IKettle – Hot drinks are the mainstay, the backbone, the support, the vital spark, the lifeblood of our existence. Imagine how perfect and complete life would be when it would not be so boring to wait for the cauldron. This blissful paradise that we have just described is now too real thanks to the iKettle – the world’s first Wi-Fi water heater.

The Wake mode wakes you gently from your deep sleep:

Good morning! Would you like me to hang up the kettle? Yes, No.

Is there a better wake-up call? Squint half an eye, hit ‘yes’ and then back to sleep, knowing that your coffee is brewing in the kitchen, ready to deliver your morning rocket fuel.

Once brewed, it will ask if you are ready or if you prefer to keep it warm for up to half an hour!

Who needs a butler? Do you call yourself a hot drink connoisseur?

Then you need not tell us that a green tea deserves to be served at 80 ° and a coffee at 95 °. With four tailor-made and precise temperature settings, this steamy servant is your new gateway to the perfect brew.

With its clean stainless steel design, LED backlit control panel, soft-touch rubber grip and functional, filtered spout, it’s a clever and sophisticated addition to your kitchen. And now you can combine this fine cooking appliance with your luxurious tile decor with the iKettle skins.

Key Features:

• Tell your kettle to brew, from anywhere in your house

• WIFI-enabled smartphone app

• Geo-location welcomes you at home (and asks if you would like to start the kettle)

The idea of a kettle that you do not need to bring to a boil has been a beautiful dream of mine for years, maybe decades. You can see that I have been making tea almost professionally since the age of nine. And from that first day, as I balanced on the rickety stool in our kitchen, pouring boiling water from the kettle into my dad’s cup, I knew this process could be improved. When I matured, I recognized the small, small mistakes in tea preparation with acute precision. It’s in the wait, always between switching on the kettle and actually pouring.

There is a lack of a really reasonable place to put your tea bags that (a) will not spill or stain and (b) is not disgusting. It always brews too much or has too little water.

All are individual tiny mistakes. Everything is solvable – and that, if resolved, would improve my life in a seriously measurable way.

ikettle review

This is a Wi-Fi-enabled kettle, and the promise is that you can bring it to a boil by sending a message from an app on your phone.

And the great thing is – it works. Setup is pretty straightforward, in our experience, and the app does what you’d expect. You can push the button to cook it, tell it to cook when you get home, and even keep the thing warm or hot at the right temperature. It even looks good. Metal construction and heats up pretty fast. Yes, it’s just Wi-Fi – that means you cannot use it at work if you want to do that. But since nobody would ever do it, it’s not a big loss.

All of this is great we had this thing; we could not get enough of filling the reservoir, waiting for it to be needed, and then telling it that it was from the next room brewing. Except that, if you read this sentence again, and you will see that it has two reasons why you probably do not need this device. The first is that you still need to fill the kettle.

Yes, you can fill it after making your previous cup of tea, but this is not a step, it is a step towards the end of the existing tea making process. Worse, that delays my tea-tea-tea transition, which is unacceptable. The second is the “next room” bit of this sentence. Or rather, there is no house where a kettle is not so close that getting up to brew is an inconvenience.

If you are the type of person who is organized enough to fill a kettle hours before you need it, or you can use the app before you go to the kettle and just have a cup of tea because you see the kettle or you, exactly like Wi-Fi-enabled stuff, this might still be a good idea. But after a week, I stopped using the iKettle. Well, I still use the kettle but – it’s a big kettle, with handily adjustable temperatures (green tea is best to know at 85-degree).

The reality, however, is that there are no real problems with making tea. It’s really as easy as it was possible. It may only take a minute or two at most. But waiting for the water to boil when you are desperate for your morning tea may seem like an eternity. But now a revolutionary new kettle that adapts to your Wi-Fi can put an end to the torment – and take minutes from your daily routine.


ikettle review

The iKettle can be remotely turned on with a smartphone app – and even wakes you to ask if you want to turn it on During the X Factor commercial breaks and when jumping from one foot to the other, it will not go out as fast as the thing brews slowly.

The kettle can be turned on from your phone before the commercial breaks occur – and then kept warm until you’re ready to use the water. The 1.8-liter boiler, which is called the “steaming servant” also, has a decent new technology.

With our growing preference for hippie teas, the kettle has been created with a choice of different temperatures to suit specific drinks.


ikettle review

The kettle can be set to different temperatures depending on the beverage.

According to hot beverage buffs, various drinks are best served at certain temperatures and you can adjust the kettle to heat the water to the appropriate level.

A good addition to a coffee aficionado. 

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