Safety Link Personal Alarm | Which is the best personal alarm for elderly?

So, which is the best personal alarm for elderly? A safety link personal alarm that can alert your loved ones when you are in danger. In this post, you will read about the most preferred personal alarms and the security features that they have. Having one of them would surely protect you from potential attackers.

We have researched for more than 6 weeks to come up with the best personal safety alarm for elderly. The top 3 safety link personal alarms according to our research have the most dependable security features.

Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm (Our 1st Choice)

  • Vigilant is one of the premier companies producing personal safety alarms. The best thing about all its products is that they are backed up by the company’s warranty. The Vigilant 130dB has a one-year company warranty and during this tenure, all repairs and replacements are made by the company without any additional charges.
  • When you are in trouble, it is important that people around you can hear the signal loud and clear. This purpose is perfectly served by this incredible safety link personal alarm as it has a loud sound frequency of 130B. The off button is concealed and hard for the attacker to identify.
  • It does not have to be carried as an additional device. This personal security alarm has a key clip and can be used easily as a keychain. Along with that, you can attach it to your bag or purse. This makes it very hard for a potential attacker to identify that you are carrying a security device.
  • Unlike a lot of other personal security alarms, the Vigilant 130Db does not depend on batteries only. You do not have to worry even if the batteries fail or run out of power as the device has an emergency button as well.
  • It has the appearance of a care remote so a personal attacker cannot identify it from a distance.
  • The alarm comes with heavy alkaline batteries which can easily be purchased again when needed.

White LED light for dark hours

Potential attackers attack people mostly during the dark hours when there is less light available. In most cases, people do come under attack when they are trying to find the keyhole. This is one of the finest safe link personal alarms that come with a white led light. Hence, finding the keyhole during dark hours would not be a problem for you.

Can be used as a keychain

This device is not large sized that requires you to carry it in a separate bag. It can easily fit in your palm and you can carry it while holding on to other things.

There is no need to carry a separate keychain when you are using this quality alarm by Vigilant. You can attach your house and car keys to it as it has a key ring. Along with that, it looks like a car remote. This helps in fooling the attackers as they do not realize that you may be carrying a personal alarm.

High pitched sound to get immediate attention

When you are in an emergency situation, the biggest challenge for you is to get help immediately. In such situations, we do not have a lot of time available in our hands. This personal alarm has a sound frequency of 130DB. Once you press the alarm button, a high pitched siren is generated which gets the attention of people even if they are not present very near. For instance, if you are attacked by a burglar in the parking area, you would need a safety link personal alarm with high pitched sound. This is where the Vigilant 130DB easily tops the list. Considering the sound frequency that it has, you can be absolutely sure that people would know that you are in trouble even if you are not present near you.

This is what it sounds like!

Key Uses

This personal alarm can be used for a number of purposes. Some of them are listed below.

Avoiding thefts

This is the best personal alarm for avoiding thefts. With the late working hours that people have these days, they do return home mostly during late hours. This quality safety link personal alarm helps in avoiding theft attempts that are mostly made during the late hours. For instance, if you are approaching your car in the parking lot and someone attacks you from behind, you can always use this personal alarm to get the attention of people. The siren song alarm instructions for this device are very simple. There is just one button that needs to be pressed and the siren would be heard. If you return in the late hours, this is a quality personal alarm that can eliminate the chances of thefts.

Rape Attempts

For females, traveling during the late hours is a huge challenge. Considering the increase in rape attempts all over the world, a personal alarm is nothing less than necessity. If you reach home during the night hours or work in the late shifts, the Vigilant 130 DB would help you in traveling securely. The moment, you feel that someone is following you, simply press the alarm button or pull the cord like a garnade and people would notice that you need help. 

Help for Elderly People

For senior citizens, it is quite hard to move around a lot. Some of them have severe knee pain and require help for various tasks. If you have an elderly father or mother in the house who cannot move around on his own, this is the best alarm for elderly people. If you have a senior citizen in the house, he or she can press the alarm button when help is needed. For instance, elderly people who suffer from asthma need help from time to time and it is not possible for them to call for it every time. With this personal alarm, things become very easy for them as they can push the alarm button whenever help is needed.

Who is it meant for?

A safety link personal alarm is meant for everyone who travels or stays alone. Some of the people who should carry this alarm are listed below.


Are you someone who comes from college alone? If yes then you should be aware of people who are there to harm you. Students do get harmed by potential attackers when they are coming back from college. A highly dependable safety link personal alarm is what you need. School going children, in particular, get exposed to kidnapping incidents. For kids, it is very hard to yell and tell people around them that they are in trouble. At times, people who may be harming your kids may be known ones. The Vigilant 130DB is easy to operate and helps in getting immediate assistance. As the device can be used simply by pressing one button, even kids can operate the device without any problem.

Restaurant Delivery Personnel

People working in a restaurant home delivery department have to work on all hours of the day. Delivering food during the late hours does put them at risk of snatching. A personal alarm device helps in reducing the risks of such incidents. If you are working as a rider for a restaurant, having the Vigilant 130DB would help you in operating safely during the late hours. As soon as you feel that someone is following you, immediately press the alarm button so that you can get help from the people around you.

Business Owners

Business owners are always at the risk of getting robbed as a lot of people keep an eye on them for this purpose. If you are carrying a personal alarm, the risk of getting attacked or robbed can be eliminated completely. This incredible personal alarm device is very easy to operate and the user does not need to go through a lengthy process to use it. If you are returning from office and you feel that someone has been following you, simply press the siren button of your safety link personal alarm. As this device generates a high pitched sound, people would know that you are in need of help in quick time. In emergency situations, one does not have a lot of time to get help and this device is tailor-made for such situations.


Choosing the correct personal alarm device is an important decision and uses should consider certain important factors when they are finalizing their selection. For instance, check the alarm frequency of the device. When you are in an emergency situation, you need to get attention urgently.

The Vigilant 130DB is rated as the best personal alarm device due to a number of reasons. One of them is the appearance that it has. It resembles a car remote and does not get identified easily. Secondly, using this device is very simple. All you need to do is press one button and the siren would go off.

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