The Wondercube Review

In this day and age, your smartphone is your best and closest assistant. It has numerous features that allow it to effectively make your life easier. Tasks such as taking calls, watching movies and organizing your day-to-day schedule are a walk in the park. Such an assistant is a true blessing but there is only so much your smartphone can do. Timely charging, transferring data to and from your PC, limited storage space and inability to be used in case of an emergency, are all downsides of this assistant. So why not have an assistant, for your assistant! Enter Wondercube.

Wondercube Review – The Features:

Wondercube is designed to be an all-in-one solution for pretty much everything your smartphone needs. It’s a small cube that sits on the end of a keychain and is 1 cubic inch in size, this means you can take it anywhere on your person and due to its lightweight, you won’t even feel it’s there! The Wondercube comes with not two, not three but eight different features, which are all in one tiny package. Its main feature is that it includes a built-in USB Cable, which can be used to charge, sync and connect to other USB compatible devices.

Wondercube review of Phone Stand:

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Wondercube review of Phone Stand – On one side of the Wondercube, you will find a suction cup plate. This cup can be stuck on the phone and used to turn the cube into a stand for any orientation, making watching videos, movies and voice calls a hands-free operation. You can now talk to your loved ones and do what you are doing without the hassle of propping the phone at awkward angles.

This stand can be mounted anywhere on the device as long as the surface can adhere to the suction cup properly. The plate is made up of tiny micro-suction cups and their advantage over a single, large suction cup is the strength. Large suction cups tend to stretch and deform, making a twisty surface that has difficulty keeping your phone stable. The micro-suction cups are more stable and keep your phone held firmly in place.

Wondercube review of it’s Storage:

Wondercube review of storage

The Wondercube can also turn into a USB 3.0 Enabled OTG device, useful if you run out of space on your smartphone and need to use additional storage. This USB can also connect to your PC, in case you want to transfer files between devices.

One thing to note is that OTG only works on Android devices, and therefore will not function on devices running IOS. Another version of the device will soon be launched which will add OTG support to IOS devices.

Emergency Charger:

Wondercube review of charger

If you ever find yourself in an emergency and realize you have a dead phone, worry no more. The Wondercube comes with an emergency 9V Battery Charger. This can be used to charge your phone using 9V batteries which are easily available in every convenience store. 9V batteries can also be recovered from many tools and gadgets commonly found.

The top of the cube pops open to reveal a 9V battery adapter. The battery snaps right in and can provide around 3-4 hours of talk time on both IOS and Android devices. The battery won’t last forever can get the job done in a pinch. You can always swap it out for another battery. Useful, if you find yourself out of juice.

This feature can save your life if you decide to go camping or are just a tech-savvy prepper.

USB Cable:

Wondercube review of wondercube for sale

The built-in USB cable is a lifesaver when you want o backup or transfer files between your phone and PC. The cable is short, well-built and looks like it can withstand the occasional pulling or jerking. The cable folds away neatly when not in use. The cable is non-removable so you must be careful to not damage it.

Currently, the Wondercube comes with a standard Micro USB cable for Android devices and contains a Lightning converter for connecting to Apple iPhones. A good addition will be a USB Type C connector as that is the new standard for upcoming Android devices.

Micro SD Card Slot:

Wondercube review of usb

This cube can be turned from a gadget to a USB flash drive using a Micro SD card. Located just below the USB connector, this slot can be used to expand the available storage on your phone. Since it is USB 3.0 and OTG compatible, it will greatly reduce time and energy when transferring data to and from your devices.

The Wondercube supports SD cards up to 64 GB. Whether you have documents, movies, music or pictures, this makes it a huge storehouse if you ever find yourself needing extra space.


On the side that has the suction cup, we find a small LED light. This light charges up when you connect the cube to a power source and is handy for emergencies. You know the time when in the dark, you were struggling to find your keys, only to have them drop on the ground. With no light source at hand, you have no idea where the keys went. Don’t worry; the LED light is designed for the situation like these.

It may not be the brightest but the white LED gives good illumination and is a lot more compact than a traditional torch. The light is also useful for use as a signaling device if you ever find yourself out in the wilderness and need to signal someone in the distance.

It is amazing how many uses can be derived from this light.


In this Wondercube review we saw that the Wondercube is an amazing gadget that does what it’s supposed to do and does it well. A neat and compact package, the cube is perfect for a keychain. The gadget comes in a few different colors.

The standard cube comes in grey but there are other colors available. The versatile nature of the Wondercube makes it an ideal gift for someone who tends to rely on their phone heavily.

The Wondercube gets a two-thumbs-up and is among the best phone gadgets available.

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