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In this post, we’re going to be telling you about the most powerful lens that you can buy and the biggest camera lens in the world.

So after more than 72 hours of testing and research, we found out that the Canon EF 800 is the best and the most powerful Canon lens you can buy today.

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Why the Canon EF 800 is best?

  • Has image stabilization
  • Is weather-proof for rainy weather
  • Built with excellent lightweight material
  • Amazing Image Quality
  • Reliable Company

Why do we need a Camera Lens?

Cameras, much like real eyes, don’t “need” lenses to record an image per se, but in order to get a high resolution / detailed image in either case, and to get it fast enough, you need a device that will focus and amplify the effectiveness of light gathering to one small area – call that a retina, a piece of photosensitive film or a digital photodiode.

Our Second Pick – Opteka Super 500mm/1000mm

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During our long research, this is another lens that is one of the most powerful camera lenses that you can buy. This may be not the biggest camera lens in the world but’s it’s one of the biggest camera lens out there.

Why the Opteka Super 500mm/1000mm is 2nd on our list.

  • It doesn’t have image stabilization
  • It does not feature auto-focus
  • It doesn’t feature any kind of protection towards harsh weathers.


  • It has a bigger and adjustable focal length
  • Is much cheaper
  • Has many free accessories included

The Canon EF 800 (Our 1st choice)

Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM Super Telephoto Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

5 new from $12,999.00
8 used from $8,499.95
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  • Has a light-weight design which helps to transport it easily?
  • Comes with a nice quality carrying case that protects the lens
  • The biggest Canon Lens that you can buy
  • Amazing picture quality
  • Super-fast auto-focus

What’s in the Box?

The Canon EF 800 mm is one of the biggest camera lenses you can buy, so it comes in a very nice carrying case. The carrying case looks like a briefcase and is very well built. It has a handle on top but no wheels to drag it. Though the carrying case is well built, it does get heavier to hold after a long period of time. Inside the carrying case of one of the biggest camera lens in the world, we see that there is a lens hood included. You’ll have to pay a premium 500 USD if you happen to lose it.

Picture Quality

The EF 800 mm is one of the most expensive and biggest Canon lens, so it has a very good picture quality. Not everyone needs the biggest camera lens, so this lens is mainly focused on wild-life photographers, photo-journalism and for people whose subject can’t be viewed from a near distance (News Channels). So, this lens features a very fast and quick auto-focus that helps in focusing on fast moving objects like wild animals. Though this Camera lens can take excellent bokeh pictures isn’t made for that. However, one can capture pictures of a subject that’s almost a mile away. To get a better idea you can check out this video.

Build Quality

Since this is one of the biggest camera lenses you can buy and the biggest Canon lens you can buy, Canon made sure to give the EF 800 a top in class build quality. The Canon EF 800 is made weatherproof. To reduce the weight of the lens Canon made their biggest camera lens (that you can buy) out of a magnesium-alloy barrel construction which helps reduce weight significantly. Since the size of this lens is very big, you will need a separate tripod to hold it up for stabilized shots.


The Canon EF 800mm is very highly priced. It comes in for around 13,000 USD which is a very big amount for many amateur and intermediate photographers, however, for professionals, it’s a way to take amazing photos from a safe distance.
Pros and Cons

So, what are the Pros and Cons of owning the biggest Canon lens available?

Pros. & Cons.

  • Take amazing pictures from a very far distance
  • Made of premium material compared to cheaper lenses.
  • Super-quick auto-focus
  • Weatherproof (Can be used in Harsh Conditions)

  • Pricey for many people
  • Can be hard to carry sometimes

Opteka Super 500mm/1000mm Camera Lens (Our 2nd Choice)

Super 500mm/1000mm f/8 Manual Telephoto Lens for Canon EOS, 80D, 70D, 77D, 60D, 60Da, 1Ds, Mark III and II 7D,...

$87.99 $149.99
5 new from $87.95
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  • Affordable for new photographers.
  • Bigger focal length.
  • A ton of accessories included.

Whats’ in the box?

Even though it’s one of the most powerful lenses in the world that you can buy, the Opteka 500/1000 mm comes in a very minimal box that can be used as a carrying case at all. Included with the lens there is a lens cleaner, adapter for your camera, a light filter, a lens hood and a 2x zoom attachment that makes the focal length from 500mm to 1000mm.

Picture Quality

Being one of the biggest camera lenses the Opteka Super lens does have decent picture quality, however, it lacks the features that can be found on the biggest Canon Lens that you can buy, it lacks features like auto-focus and image stabilization. While shooting one really feels the need of stabilization because even on a tripod sometimes a video can look shaky due to the huge focal length. However, the lens does a good job of taking stills, and portraits. You can check out Christopher Burresses video.

Build Quality

Due to its low price and rich features the quality of the lens isn’t the best. It doesn’t feel cheap by any means, but it doesn’t feel as good as Canon’s biggest camera lens. It also doesn’t also feature weatherproofing.


The Opteka Super is very well priced. Even though it’s one of the most powerful camera lenses it is only priced at around 90 USD. During our long research, we found that the lens gets cheaper and drops to 80 USD. This price is affordable for all types of photographers, who are looking to get into wildlife photography or just want to try out how it feels like to use one of the biggest camera lenses in the world and take high-quality pictures from a far distance!

But what’s the Most Powerful Camera Lens!

Though the camera lenses we mentioned are one of the biggest camera lenses in the world they aren’t the most powerful or the biggest ones. They surely are the biggest camera lenses that you can buy.

So, what’s the most powerful camera lens out there?

The Canon 5200mm: The Canon 5200mm is quite literally the biggest camera lens in the world and perhaps also the most powerful camera in the world. There are only 5 of these lenses in the whole world, all of these were made in Japan. This is the biggest camera lens in the world and indeed the biggest Cannon lens as well. It’s also considered as the most powerful camera lens. It’s ideal for shooting objects from 18-32 miles. The minimum distance it can focus is 120 meters. In terms of weight since it’s the most powerful camera lens, it weighs around 100 KG! So surely this isn’t the Camera lens to take outside and shoot portraits!


If you’re looking for the biggest Canon lens or in General, the biggest camera lens in the world that can be easily bought then we recommend you go for the Canon EF 800 as it has many features like image stabilization which are needed by professionals. It is made from the best in market materials.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then we recommend the Opteka Super 500-1000mm lens which is very well priced and is amazing for amateur and intermediate photographers!

And if you really have the resources to quite literally buy the biggest camera lens in the world then we wish you the best of luck on getting your hands on the Canon 5200 mm.

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